lip balm

The Best All Time DIY Lip Balm Recipes

Do you suffer from chapped, cracked, and dry lips?. If you do, you don’t have to make a big deal about it. As has been known, every problem has a solution, in your case, the solution is quite simple. You can treat your lips with a simple DIY lip balm recipes, in fact, it considers […]

face scrub ideas for glowing skin
shea Butter for skin

Shea Butter For Skin: Nutrition, Benefits, usage, and Precaution

Usually, weather changes always make our skin stressed and not delightful, in such conditions you may consider putting Shea butter on your options shelf. Originally, Shea butter was made from a seed extracted from the Shea tree. The source of Shea butter is the Shea trees that grow in East and West Africa, people are […]

rosewater for skin

Rosewater for Skin: Benefits, Usage and Face Pack Ideas

I used to wonder why the beauty regime mostly included rosewater for the skin.  It is considered one of the most outstanding beauty products in India especially and the world generally. but first! What is rose water? People have been using rosewater for their skin since ages and even some say that the first one […]

almond oil for skin

Almond Oil for Skin: Benefits, Usage, Skincare recipes

Starting with beauty history fact, did you know that in some ancient civilizations like the Chinese empire people discover some creative ways to use almond oil for skin and face therefore your conclusion will be almond oil is not only for cooking. But first. What is almond oil? Almond oil is extracted from drupes not […]

glowing skin of a girl

30 Easy Home Remedies for skin glow

You would find multiple chemical products that can help your skin to glow instantly. But using them on a daily basis can cause a lot of harm to the health of your skin and in the long run, they would make your skin dull and full of other problems. Using home remedies for skin glow […]

beautiful girl

How To Look Beautiful Naturally

In today’s world, the beauty standards for women imply her to focus more on overall appearance. Thick hair, fair and clear skin, lined eyebrows- the women of the modern times need nothing but perfection. In order to get everything that they wish for, women are getting more inclined towards chemical make-up which even though successfully […]

Deyya tea tree skin toner

Deyya Organic Tea Tree Facial Toner Review

Welcome to Deyya Tea Tree Face Toner Review. To be honest, at first, it was a bit frustrating to decide what- kind of toner to follow after moving to make-up. I will only assume that you and I share the same concerns about toners, you want a product that helps replenish and nourish the skin […]

Homemade facescrub for oily skin

5 Homemade Scrubs for Oily Skin

Swati Sharma is a beauty and skincare enthusiast. She loves to create content around it and presently is a blogger at, an entertainment and lifestyle blog dedicated to keeping you entertained as you take care of your health, skin, and hair. When not writing, you would often find her sipping a cuppa and reading […]

toner vs mist

The Difference between Mist & Toner, Explained

Toners & mists are very effective skin care products as they remove dirt particles from your skin. Your skin care regime is incomplete without these organic toners and mists. Both facial mists and hydrating toners are water based products which contain active ingredients and are effective in boosting the overall health of your skin. But […]

Bella Vita organics’ Papy Blem Face gel

Bella Vita organics’ Papy Blem Face gel Review

When it comes to skincare we always choose natural ingredients for their effectiveness and safety. Today I came up with Bella Vita organics’ Papy Blem Face gel review. I recently bought two product of this brand one is bela vita Nico lip which is lip lightening scrub balm and another is this amazing golden gel. […]

sesame oil for skin
Baking soda for skin

12 amazing skin benefits of baking soda

What is baking soda?  NaHCO3, Sodium Bicarbonate, and baking soda. Different names but the same compound or ingredient. Baking soda is a cooking ingredient that people use to make some delicious cakes or desserts.  It comes like a fine powder, that contains another compound known as alkaline. The alkaline compound is what defines baking soda. […]

skincare routine

Easy Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Do you think you are more prone than others?. Is your face getting to feel dry and itchy? If this is your case, you probably want to know Skincare Routine For Dry Skin. The article will provide you insights about the most common main reasons that lead to dry skin issues. Not only that, but […]

amala powder for hair
how to get rid of open pores

How to get rid of open pores with simple home remedies

Are you concerned and frustrated about how to get rid of open pores? Does that make you uncomfortable?  Well it does, you might find exactly what you do not to get rid of open pores, but rather reduce or prevent them. But first, I want to quote from a saying that says that part of […]

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