10 Face Massage Benefits

Is there any face massage benefits. These days beauty experts suggest that we should treat our face at least once a week because our skin and face exposed to daily life stress, toxic, dirt, bacteria…ETC Our environment is full of stressful events and toxic, which may lead to early aging signs such as wrinkles, pimples, or even acne-prone issues. 

Face massage sessions are so important and beneficial for the face, finding the time for one session will work wonder for your face skin. 

The importance of facial massage 

Women is getting face massage

You will surprise how little things impact daily life. 

For example, age signs tend to appear for those who have an exacting life, worry, or even the air will affect the way our skin should look.

Toxic and dirt and the stressful environment will affect the detoxification and cause inflammation. 

Eventually, our environment will result, pimples, eye puffiness, and wrinkles, that is why a face massage is so important. 

One of the best face massage benefits is to build the ability to prevent and fight aging signs, stimulating detoxification, and reduce skin inflammation. 

Facial massage protects and improves collagen production and skin elasticity. 

Now let’s dive into the full face benefits of facial massage. 

Face massage benefits 

To take advantage of the many face massage benefits, choosing the ideal massage technique matters. 

There’re many face massage technique and each one has its own skin benefits and targeting areas. Here’re some of the facial massage benefits as well as their working technique. 

1-Tighten skin 

The average of a facial massage of 5-6 minutes every day had proven to be very beneficial for the long term. 

take a 5 minutes session to massage your face especially your forehead, under the eye, neck cheek, and all other sensitive areas. Massaging your face will improve blood flow, and relieves muscle tension. 

However, before you start using any particular product you should consider 2 factors; 

Your skin type whether you have oily skin, dry complexion skin. In this case, the length of your session will change according to your skin type. 

According to your skin type, you chose what essential oil or organic unrefined oil you massage your face with. 

2-Improve collagen 

The common messaging technique is inside/ outside. Meaning you’ll need to start messaging your face in circles from inside to outside your face. 

You’ll be surprised how this method will boost your collagen levels. However, if you have acne-prone skin type or your session length should be no more than 10 minutes. 

Make sure you massage your face in a soft gentle way. 

It will stimulate and boost your collagen production, build barriers to protect your skin from UV radiation. 

You could use coconut oil as an oil massage. 

Remember to check out if you have any coconut oil allergy, because it may cause other skin issues. 


Facial massage is very beneficial to the detoxification processes especially in off-season times like spring and summer. 

Being able to get rid of toxic is amazing because it will help to retain skin’s moisture and natural color. Soft, gentle, and effective this is how the right face massage technique should be. 

The right technique allows the skin to absorb the essential oils nutrition which will help the detox processes, improve blood circulation, and even reduce aging signs. 

Moving forward the sessions your skin texture and exfoliating effect will gradually improve.

You might consider using jojoba essential oil because it shares the same human skin sebum. Which makes it perfect as a facial massage for detoxification and anti-aging. 

4-Reduce inflammation and swelling 

Inflammation and welling are a chemical response reaction for any kind of injury or insult. 

Which may leave you with a poor skin appearance. 

Facial massage may help with that and bring some treatment to inflamed and swelling skin. 

you’d consider using oils that are rich with fatty acids, anti-inflammation, and antioxidants. 

For example, castor oil is rich with ricinoleic acid and antioxidants. Using it once a week you may reduce pain and swelling issues. 

Castor oil is also very beneficial as an anti-inflammatory and anti-acne agent it makes a good essential oil for anti-acne facial massage. 

5-Glowing skin

Our skin contains hundreds of muscle and each one contact into certain body points, that’s why home face massage should be soft, gentle, and most important cover certain face points.

for glowing skin, your facial massage should be daily at range 1-2 minutes massage session. 

Going inside and outside the face will improve bloodstream, collagen production, and tighten skin. 

If you add facial serum or essential oil to your massage processes you will have a shiny radiant glowing skin appearance.

Make sure to go for a different face point when exercising your sessions at home, going different means better results. 

6-Heal Acne 

People with skin acne types may find it difficult to treat and reduce the appearance of acne on their skin. Fortunately, other people who already tried certain massage techniques reported that; a twice or thrice face massage each week will reduce acne as well as unblock follicles.

Another skin benefit of facial massage is the ability to unblock follicles where might be a good place for bacteria and oil. 

This will only increase the ability to fight bacteria and absorb excess oil.

it also reduces oil from the skin which results to reduce acne and heal skin scars on the face.


Lastly, the people’s skin’s most common concern is the appearance of age signs, the good news for you is yes you could fight them.

Face massage benefits for aging signs are enormous, it will improve blood circulation and relieve tension.

Good blood flow and relieves tension will brig that sens of relaxation for life’s stressful events that may cause wrinkles or fine lines.

Letting the essential oil getting into your skin layers will build barriers to protect your skin from sun damages and prevent age.

Facial masks also help with face massage you could add almond oil or any kind of essential oil you’re not allergic to.

8- Improve complexion 

Your face probably suffers from low blood flow and low oxygen levels because of the environment you live in. As we explain before face massage helps to improve both blood circulation and increase the oxygen level.

Good blood circulation results in relieves tension and increases complexion which will grow healthy skin.

With your fingers massage gently your forehead, under eye checks and blood circles movement, your fingers should massage them in circles.

9- Smooths the skin 

Essential oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, or even argan oil are rich with essential vitamins and minerals which consider the best ingredients for pimples, dirt, toxic.

It’s best to diversify when using essential oils because what when has others don’t, Vitamins such as A and B will protect your skin and help you to get rid of impurities.

To have smooth and soft skin it’s best to take 2-4 minutes daily on massaging your face as long as you do it right.

10- Reduce under-eye bags 

Work and stress are the common reasons for eye bags, and we all hate when they appear, But it doesn’t mean they wont disappear.

Each day massage under your eyes or use a cotton ball to cover these sensitive areas. That will improve the blood flow in this specific area, reduce eye puffiness as well as for wrinkles and acne if you choose to massage them as well.

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