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Welcome to Summer skincare Tips, The summer season just has arrived and had brought up a lot of skin problems as well. Summers can be brutal on your skin and can cause issues like skin tanning, pimples, rashes, roughness and a lot more. Only a complete skincare regimen can ensure you to have a glowing and healthy skin throughout. To make your skin radiant and glowing everywhere; we have summed up here some Summer skin care tips that will help you a lot in summers. So scroll down the list to enjoy healthy and glowing skin.

1. Take care of your face:

Take care of your face - Summer skincare Tips

This is one of the important Summer skincare Tips. The face is the main highlight of everyone’s life. It is your identity that you hold 365 days 24*7. The beginning of the summer month is a real indicator that you have to take great care of your skin. You have to make it hydrated, clean and grime-free. Keep your face clean sot stay it away from the dust and sweat that one quickly gets in hot months. Smaller failure in care can lead up to the breakout of pimples and rashes these months. So be ready while having a splash of water on your face after a few hours.

2. Exfoliate your skin:

Exfoliate your skin - Summer skincare Tips

If we are talking about skincare, the first thing that we can start up with is the exfoliation of your skin. Usually, a human body sheds skin cells at a fantastic rate. They typically get set up on your skin layer-wise if not being removed on time. The deposition of these dead cells on your surface further makes your skin looks dull and dry. No moisturizer or cleansing lotion is going to help you if you have a layer of dead skin on the underlying sheets. So to get rid of this layer; grab a body scrub and hit the shower while gently exfoliating the skin with circular movements. Try the same procedure at least twice or thrice in a week.

3. Don’t forget the sunscreen lotion:

Applying Sun-cream - Summer skincare Tips

If you are going out in the sun in summer’s season; don’t forget to apply the sunscreen lotion on your body before leaving your home. If you either have last year’s sunscreen lotion bottle at home; throw it and get the newer one for you. Usage of expired sunscreen lotion can further take you in hard times; so it is better to avoid it. Choose the sunscreen lotion that has UVA and UVB products along with SPF 30 and SPF 70 in it. The sunscreen lotion usually gets washed out with the sweat; so wash your face and reapply it whenever you feel.

4. Keep your skin hydrated: –

Applying moisturising cream -Summer skincare Tips

Skin hydration is one of the most important that we need to take care of while talking about proper skincare. Usually, the oily skin becomes more oil and dry with dry patches with the arrival of summers. To avoid such condition to happen; one need to apply perfect moisturizing cream for your skin that can work layered underneath as well.

5. Add antioxidants to your skin products:

Usage or antioxidants into your skincare products can help you in keeping your skin moisturized, healthy, and glowing always. So, while purchasing skincare products such as serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen lotions for you get the one that is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants not only help you in protecting your skin from various environmental damages but also improve the development of collagen in your body as well. Moreover, the antioxidants present in the skincare products also reduces the inflammation that we usually face in summers and repair your skin by neutralizing the harmful free radicals.

6. Add antioxidants to your diet: –

fruits for summer skin care

Adding antioxidants to your skincare products is not only enough to have healthy and glowing skin, but you also need to add them to your diet as well to nourish your body accordingly. Rather than depending on various fast foods; try to have a healthy diet in summers. Try to consume lots of seasonal foods and make sure to have all the essential vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants on the menu. Fruits like pineapples, citrus fruits, fresh berries, seafood, and vegetables initiate the collagen production and hence help in reducing the inflammation caused as well.

7. Make friendship with water:

drinking water - summer skincare tips

Summer is the hottest season of all. It is the time when dehydration processes are at its peak hours. So higher temperatures and outdoors for more extended hours can lead you towards internal dehydration further leading you towards headaches and dizzy spells. To avoid such conditions to happen; one must drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. If possible carry out a water bottle along with you while going outdoors and don’t forget to drink some water every 30 minutes. Water not only will help you in keeping ourselves fresh but also prevents dehydration and removal of a maximum of toxins out of the body.

8. Go minimal with makeup As Summer skincare tips

minimal makeup for summer skin care

If you are going to outdoors in summers; or you have some functions ahead; try to go minimal with makeup. Acquiring less makeup strategy is excellent for summers. Under the edges or intolerance suns; the natural looks appear to be amazing. Moreover, it also allows your skin to breathe throughout. If you never prefer to go out without your foundation; apply a little bit along with taking with SPF that will prevent your skin looks to be patchy. Don’t forget to apply lip balm on your lips instead of lipsticks that will offer a glossy look to your lips while having natural touchup. Moreover, try not to apply eye makeup in summers

9. Take care of hygiene: –

Overall that particular area is critical access to tackle the havoc of intense heat. To avoid various skin problems like sun burning, sun tanning, rashes and pimples one needs to bath at least twice a day. It will not only keep your skin fresh but also help in combat summer lethargy. Moreover, you can also add some neem leaves into your bucket full of water to tackle prickly heat easily. If you are bathing in a swimming pool; don’t forget to take a bath after it as the presence of extra chlorine can lead up excess cold tanning.

10. Add cooling foods in your diet:

Fruits and vegetable

Our food habits reflect on our skin. If we have a healthy diet; we will use the have fit, and glowing skin but if we don’t our skin will get more oily or patchy at often. Having a dense food will make you sluggish in such weather conditions. And it can lead out for the breakthrough of pimples as well. So if you are willing to have skin and glowing skin make use of seasonal fruits and vegetables and consume as much as water as you can. If possible, you can drink vegetable juices and coconut water to keep yourself hydrated as well.

11. Take proper care of your eyes and lips:

Eyes and lips are the highlights of every identity, but these usually get dried up due to the excessive dehydration. These are the areas whose skin is extra sensitive and delicate, and the standard needs some extra attention. Sun rays are harshest between 12 pm to 4 pm; so try to get outdoors at this time. Moreover; if you urgently have to go out at these time hours make sure to cover your eyes with sunglasses and protect your lips with balm so that it can keep your skin moisturized throughout.

12. Take care of your feet:

take care of your feet

We keep our feet packed during the winter season, but as the summer arises we prefer to go with the sandals. If you have time and money; you can go for a pedicure appointment but if you don’t have any of them both; all women need to take care of their feet. You can apply at home pedicure process to remove the dead skin from your feet. Keep scrub by your side and scrub off the dead, dry skin to make your feet ready to wear sandals.

13. Tone your skin:

Toning for skin is a must to have a remedy for your skin to keep it glowing and healthy in harsh summer conditions as well. One can easily choose toner for their skin, especially for the summer months. A good toner not only removes the excess of oil from your skin but also makes it clean and fresh throughout. Toners reduce the pores present on the skin and reduce the oil secretion. Toning your skin is an one part of Summer Skincare Tips

14. Have a refreshing shower:

washing face frequently - Summer skincare Tips

Getting outdoors for more extended hours can make your skin dry. So it gets very to have hot showers after having extreme exposure to the sun. Once you have the hot shower; reduce the temperature gradually so that one could enjoy better benefits from it. A cold shower especially after excessive sweating not only makes your skin clean and bright but also prevents you from those annoying acne breakouts as well.

15. Wear breathable clothing: –

if you are looking for Summer skincare Tips clothing plays a vital role. Clothing put on a more significant role in the skincare process. Cotton fabrics are usually lighters and hence having these in summer enables the users to take prickly heat successfully. Having cotton clothes in summers is not just enough to have for proper skincare but having a breathable one is equally important as well. Tight clothes can irritate more; especially from the sweaty parts where the body causes more itching. Prolonged exposure to tight clothes may further get lead to rashes and sensitive skin diseases as well.

16. Don’t forget the exercise:

Whether it is summers or winters; activities are a very crucial aspect of our daily routine. Summer is the hard time to go with the practices; as the heat, sweat and humidity will not allow doing that. But having regular exercises on its scheduled time will help you in maintaining the skin healthy during summers. Exercises not only improve the blood flow but also make it easy for your skin cells to get some more oxygen. It is one of the important Summer skincare Tips

17. Have a wide-brim hat:

Most probably; try to avoid outing in peak sun hours during summers. And if it is urgently required keep a wide brim hat always along with you. A standard cap in such harsh hot conditions would not be able to protect your face from the sun coming at various angles whereas having a wide brim that can help you in shading your face throughout and hence saves it from direct sunlight.

18. Have proper rest:

Having adequate rest at scheduled time hours is very much necessary to keep the repair and maintenance work of your skin on time. Just like machines; our body also needs rest and if avoided can take you up for further circumstances. Summer days are usually longer than that of the winter ones, so it is quite evident that we are going to be active for a longer duration. Our body boosts up the development of melanin during resting hours which further helps in repairing the damaged skin and revitalize the immune system as well.

19. Use cool off face mist – Summer skincare tips:

Having a cool off face mist in the hot days of summers will work magically for you. It will not only soothe up the sunburns but also keeps you safe from inflammation as well. Having a suitable cool off face mist will make your skin look fresh and dewy all the time. You always don’t have to remain dependant on the market products only; you can easily create an active cool off face mist at your home as well.

20. Don’t itch the bug bites:

Bugs are prevalent in summers. Bug bites often become itchy and linger after some time. If you also have got some stings; try to apply anti-itch skin at least twice daily and avoid yourself from itching that particular area as it can cause rashes on your skin as well. This is one of the Summer Skincare Tips

Conclusion: – Summers have just started up and started up the days when we need to take extra care of our skin as well. One needs to be very careful about his/her skin so that to have healthy, fresh and glowing skin always. You can use these Summer skincare Tips present above to look fresh and dewy at extreme summers as well.


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