25 Tips For How To Rid Of Split Ends

In early times women use to maintain their hair with oiling and a lot of natural stuff every day which made their hair not just look great but also stay thick. Today with the changes in life we are getting a lot of stress and day to day maintenance is not just possible. Even we don’t have time to apply oil to hair. That has given birth to the split ends which are one of the biggest worries of today. We will be discussing how to get rid of split ends in this article.

What is the split ends?

Split ends are considered the splitting of the hair shaft at the tip of the hair. In scientific terms, it’s also known as trichoptilosis or arrangement of features in definite areas. The reason for it is when the split ends are not handled properly then the hair strands start to break at different points making the hair look like a feather.

1. Cinnamon for Split ends


So if you want to treat well to your skin and get rid of the split ends then cinnamon is a wonderful chance to do that. It helps in the circulation of the blood and maintains healthy scalp skin. 

How to use cinnamon for split ends

2. Coconut milk for split ends

coconut for skin

For this, you will need 2-4 teaspoon coconut milk and you can follow the way with:-

  • Take coconut milk in your palm and apply it to your hair from the roots to the end.
  • Clip the hair up and cover it with a shower cap. Then keep it on for 1-2 hours.
  • Next, rinse the hair using herbal shampoo.
  • Towel your hair and dry it. Do avoid hairdryer.

You can use it for two or three days a week. This is a natural home remedy that is going to give you feel a perfect hair spa. Coconut milk is rich in vitamin E which prevents recurrence of split ends, reduces frizz and rehydrates hair. It has the medium-chain fatty acids which help in conditioning and smoothing the rough edges of your hair. The vitamin C and B and the mineral-like calcium, iron, and magnesium which would stimulate hair growth. Best can be if you collect the coconut milk and store it in the refrigerator for a long time.

3. Moroccan oil for split ends

½ teaspoon of Moroccan oil would be the best way to go. Use it at regular intervals and after shampooing hair towel dry it. When the hair is damp, apply a small amount of Moroccan oil from the mid-shaft of your hair till the end. Then leave it on to dry. This must be used every time you do shampoo. You can also use it between the shampoo days and if you use too many styling products or tools. This Moroccan oil not just works on split ends but at the same time makes hair soft and shiny. The best part is it’s rich in vitamin E and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which helps in strengthening and deep conditioning of hair.

4. Argan oil Split Ends

One to two drops of argan oil works best on split ends. Just shampoo your hair and dry it. Don’t dry it completely and just keep it damp. Then apply argan oil from the mid-shaft of your hair till the end of the hair length. Then leave it to dry. This is used often when you shampoo your hair. You can also use it between shampoo days and even as a styling product. The argan oil is also called liquid gold and is extracted from argan kernels. The vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids are present in argan oil which makes it the best of the rehydrating agent.

5. Castor oil for Split ends

For proper hair care, you need 2-4 teaspoon castor oil and 2 teaspoons coconut oil. To make the hair care pack, dilute the castor oil with coconut oil. Take a teaspoon of the mixture in your palm and then rub your palm together and then apply it to your hair, starting from the roots till the ends. Then clip up the hair and cover it with a shower cap. Leave it for 2 hours maximum and then rinse hair with herbal shampoo and then dry your hair with a towel after head bath.  The castor oil contains low molecular weight and penetrated through the hair shaft. This repairs and rehydrates the hair. Apart from that it also reduces itchy scalp and promotes hair growth. The castor oil also contains antioxidants and helps in protecting it from split ends.

6. Almond oil for Split Ends

almond for skin glow

The almond oil is used 4 to 6 teaspoons. Take the almond oil in a bowl and heat it. Take a teaspoon of the warm oil on your palm and then apply it to hair from root to the tip. Massage your scalp in a circular motion. Clip your hair and cover it with a shower cap and then keep it for 1-2 hours or overnight. Use the herbal shampoo to rinse your hair. Wash your hair and dry it with a towel and not hair drier. Do this once a week.

The almond oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids phospholipids vitamin E and magnesium. This nutrition helps with strengthening the hair follicles, accelerates the repairing process and this would prevent dryness.

7. Honey hair mask

honey and lemon for dark lips

2-4 teaspoon organic honey and 1 teaspoon coconut milk, 3 teaspoon milk and mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Apply the mixture to the hair from the roots to the ends and avoid the roots if you have an oily scalp. Clip up your hair and cover it with a shower cap and keep it on for 1-2 hours. Rinse your hair with an herbal shampoo and wash it and then dry it. This is done twice a week. It’s the honey that helps to retain and regulate moisture in the hair.

8. Papaya hair mask


We know Papaya is for skincare but it can be used for hair also. Papaya mask can help to get rid of split ends, For this pack, you will need ½ cup of mashed to ripen papaya and 1 tablespoon yogurt with 1 tablespoon almond oil. The pack can be made with mixing papaya pulp, yogurt and almond oil in a bowl. Take it and blend it papaya blend and apply it to your hair from the roots to the tips. Tie up your hair and then cover it with a shower cap and keep it as then wash it with a mild herbal shampoo. Do this twice a week for the best of results. The papaya is a natural remedy to provide deep nourishment and other components are going to prevent dry and itchy scalp with promoting hair growth with improving hair health.

9. Banana hair mask

banana for split ends

This is the ripe banana which acts a natural moisturizer and adding 2 tablespoons of coconut milk to it would make a good combination for sure. Mash the banana and add coconut milk to it and mix well. Apply the mixture to your hair from the root level and avoid the roots if scalp is oil and then tie up your hair. Cover it with a shower cap applying it. Keep it for one to two hours. Then rinse your hair with herbal shampoo and then towel dry it.

10. Egg hair mask

egg for skin

Egg white is rich in protein and adding coconut oil and organic honey is the best combination for split ends. Mixing them and applying to hair from the root level would get your hair a perfect spa in a natural way. This can be used twice a week as this not just helps with repairing the split ends but at the same time promotes shine to the hair. Eggs are the ultimate for hair. And the masks provide nutrition and nourishment to the damaged hair by repairing split ends.

11. Mayonnaise hair mask


Mix the mayonnaise hair masks and aloe vera gel in a bowl and then apply the mixture to the hair from the root level. Then cover your hair and keep it on for an hour. Apply this mask twice a week.

Mayonnaise can make wraps and would stick to your hair better. Then turns out it can make your hair better. This is made from eggs and oil. Both of these are going to help hydrate the hair. This would help with repairing the split ends, promotes hair growth and protect the hair from dryness and damage.

12. Avocado hair mask


A mixture of avocado and 3 teaspoons almond oil would be a great combination. Mash the pulp of avocado and add almond oil to it and whip until it becomes smooth and light. The avocados are rich in vitamin E, minerals and other phytonutrients which are going to help in retaining moisture in the hair with preventing further hair damage.

13. Fenugreek seeds

fenugreek seeds

A mixture of fenugreek powder with 2 tablespoon curd makes a unique combination. Mix it and apply it to the root level of your hair. Keep it for half an hour. Then rinse it with an herbal and mild shampoo with Luke warm water. The fenugreek seeds empower the health of hair and have been used to stimulate hair growth preventing hair damage and hydrating the hair follicles and cuticles.

14. Onion juices


It’s considered as a regular solution that has been used for split ends for decades. This helps with stimulating hair growth and preventing hair damage with hydrating hair follicles and cuticles. Chop the onion and then make a paste of it. Squeeze the juice out of it and apply it to the hair. Cover your hair after applying it to your hair. The onion juice is rich in sulfur that would prevent hair breakage and thin. This mask provides nourishment to hair follicles and promotes perfect hair growth.

15. Lemon water


A tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 liter of water would make the best for a hair mask. After you shampoo your hair give it a final rinse with lemon water. Dab your hair with a dry towel to soak the water. Don’t rub the hair vigorously. This process can be done regularly whenever possible. The lemon water is an excellent hydrating agent and even a natural conditioner. This helps with retaining moisture and preventing breakage of hair strands.

16. Aloe Vera gel

Alovera for skin

Aloe vera juice with lime juice is also a better combination. This is because of aloe Vera gel is rich in folic acid, niacin and other kinds of phytonutrients which is going to help with improving the hair health. Add volume to hair and protect from sun or heat damage.

17. The Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil

The pack is not just of the tea tree oil but also includes a lot more like almond oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera juice. These are to be mixed with a proportion of 4:4:4:1. And need to be applied to hair. Then cover the hair for a maximum of 3 hours and then wash and just towel rinse it. this can be done thrice a week for better results. The tea tree oil contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. This results in maintaining scalp and hair health. The mask moisturizes the hair and repairs dry and damaged hair.

18. Curd

curd for split ends

Mix curd, olive oil, and honey in a bowl and apply it on your hair. Stick your hair with a more clutch and keep it as like for an hour. After that wash it with a soft herbal shampoo. Do it once a week to get the best results and it’s the curd that provides proper moisture to the hair and prevents breakage of the hair strands.

19. Rosewater

rose water

Combine rose water, lime juice, honey and to that 8 teaspoons of water together. Apply it to your hair and apply it twice a week. Rosewater boosts blood circulation and improves hair health. These masks help the hair grow longer quickly and reduces the chances of recurrence of split ends.

20. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cide vinegar

Add 500 ml of water to 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar. After shampoo wash it with diluted apple cider vinegar. Then towel it dry your hair, you can twice do it a week. The apple cider vinegar smoothes the cuticles of the hair thereby preventing hair strand breakage and damage.

21. Folic acid and biotin

Folic acid and biotin supplements are also an important kind of hair growth and maintenance element. These must be consumed as prescribed by the doctor. The supplement helps with strengthening the follicles and cuticles of the hair and prevents hair damage and hair loss.

22. Beer

4 tablespoon of beer and one tablespoon of honey as a mixture. Do it once a week and this works the best because beer contains sugar and proteins which helps to strengthen the hair and to prevent split ends.

23. Walnut oil

walnut for split ends

Just 4 spoons of walnut oil and massage it on your scalp and the hair tips with warm oil. Then clip up your hair and leave it overnight. The next day wash it with mild herbal shampoo. Do it two to three days a week to see the best results. The walnut oil is recommended as a natural remedy for split ends. This is a great source of healthy fats that moisturizes the hair and prevents split ends.

24. Apply hair creams

There are a lot of natural hair creams available in the market. You can use them and just wet a towel in hot water and wrap it around the hair. Keep it as such for 1 hour and then wash it and apply the hair moisturizer. This works great for split ends as well.

25. Candle cutting

The following emerged as a kind of hair cutting from Brazil where the split ends are removed. You can easily maintain the length of your hair long and get rid of the split ends as well.

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