Apple cider vinegar for Face: Benefits and usage tips

Apple cider vinegar or simply ACV is a familiar ingredient in the kitchen, for health benefits, and even some beliefs that it works on the skin. 

ACV is basically made of apples, but it’s not simple as it seems, to make it the manufacturers would ferment the sugar from apples. The process will make it an acid ingredient, and that’s why apple cider vinegar acts as an antioxidant. So if you treat your skin on a regular basis, and you familiar skin remedies that people use on their skin, you must have heard about the wonders of apple cider vinegar for skin care.

The question that reveals itself here is;

Is apple cider vinegar good for skin and face?

Besides its ability to make you healthier, apple cider vinegar has many skin benefits to offer as a skincare product. 

Due to its acidic nature, experts believe that ACV could help to get rid of bacteria, skin dead cells, and even reduce sunburns.

ACV has various benefits for your face and skin, it has healing and anti-bacterial properties that should treat your skin as your desire. Acne, pimples, aging signs, sunburns, and even skin whitening, that’s what apple cider could treat and fix.

The final thought or the answer to the question we made before is, yes indeed apple cider vinegar is good for skin regime as well as for face whitening. 

What are the skin benefits of apple cider vinegar? 

1-Exfoliate skin 

Weather, work stress, and other factors may leave your skin look dull or lose its appearance as a result of the stress. 

However, apple cider vinegar acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, it’s considered a good source of alpha and acetic acid. The acids in ACV will help absorb excess oil, supple your skin, and exfoliate it.

Furthermore, you can benefit from these acids to use apple cider vinegar for skin infection, they will help to heal and seal these infections.

2- Clean and soft your face

If you think that face wash products are not doing you any good, you could simply switch to use ACV as a body and face cleanser.

Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant, apple cider vinegar can be all of these agents. Meaning it will help your skin to get rid of dirt, skin dead cells, Bactria, and other impurities. By the standards of beauty experts, ACV has shown quick and amazing results as a face wash or a cleanser. 

3- Improve skin tone

Did you know that apple cider vinegar makes an excellent facial toner? You heard it right. ACV will help balance both oil levels and PH levels on your skin, this way will help supply your skin and improve skin tone.

To function well as a toner, you would have the ability to remove bacteria, get rid of impurities, and exfoliate your skin. Fortunately, ACV could make this happen, only by mixing it with water (purified). 

4- Reduce acne

Regular use of apple cider vinegar for acne scars will help reduce and treat acne scars and even acne redness. It will help you get rid of open pores as well as to get rid of the bacteria that may cause acne problems.

Its anti-bacterial properties may also be beneficial to treat acne and blemishes on your skin, this will make your skin more clear and glowing.

5- Diminish blemishes 

ACV contains whitening properties that will help get rid of blemishes, dark spots, and even some jumps to say it heals all skin issues. 

To get rid of skin blemishes you may consider using it as a spot treatment. The using method is easy to learn, take a cotton ball, dab it on, and apply it to blemishes areas. 

6- Anti-bacterial 

Being an antibacterial agent makes from apple cider vinegar an ideal skin remedy for skin rashes, infection, and irritation.

The antibacterial properties will help get rid of the causing acne bacteria that accumulate in your pores due to sebum overproduction.

You can use simple homemade remedies of apple cider vinegar to repress the growth of bacteria on the surface and clean it as well. 

7- Treat sunburns 

It’s not surprising that ACV works as a sunscreen to reduce and treat sunburns. In fact, it’ mostly known as a natural sunburn cure, moreover, you can even apply apple cider vinegar for skin itching that is caused by sunburns and skin damages. 

Due to its healing properties now you’re able to get rid of the dead cells on your skin and regenerate new healthy cells. An ACV sunscreen will keep your skin supple, radiant, and healthy as long as your daily routine is needed.

8- Anti-age agent 

Who doesn’t want to be youthful again?. I don’t like you. With apple cider vinegar you can say goodbye to aging permanently.

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant will help with the appearance of the wrinkles as well as for eye puffiness.

You may also use it to lighten and tighten your skin, this will make you look even longer due to its ability to improve skin elasticity 

9- Whiten your skin 

An exfoliator, aging agent, and cleanser, that apple cider could do to your skin and more. thus, we all need to make our skin more clear and radiant which happens to be one of the best skin benefits of apple cider vinegar. 

It will help nourish and clean your skin, ACV will help with oily skin issues as well as for sensitivity. It’s lightening properties will help whiten your skin no matter what type you own.

How does apple cider vinegar function on acne? 

ACV by its nature is an acidic component. Add to the acids antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and ant-bacterial properties you will have the best acne treatment.

The acids such as lactic, critic, and malic represent in apple cider vinegar will help to fight and get rid of the causing acne bacteria. Other properties such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory will help exfoliate, clean, and supple your skin. ACV will help you to get rid of the skin’s dead cells that may accumulate in open pores and cause acne.

To prevent open pores condition apple cider vinegar will help to maintain balanced oil levels and PH levels on the surface.

All that was for the purpose to prevent acne and even treat acne scars.

How to use apple cider vinegar for skin?

As an exfoliator 

ACV will help exfoliate your skin and make it more supple and radiant, the processes of using it it’s easy- to learn and do. 

Before taking a bathtub, pure some of it in the tub, leave it for a while for about 2-3 minutes. Enter in the tub and make sure to use warm water this will help your skin to soak all the acids contents in ACV.

The bath should be around 15-20 minutes the longer the better. You can use this twice a week, and with the time you will notice gradual changes on PH levels as well as for oil levels.

As a face cleanser 

To have a nice and attractive appearance that pleases the eyes, you may start thinking about using apple cider vinegar as a face wash or a cleanser. 

Take a cotton ball and dub it into ACV, gently rub the cotton ball on your face, acne, wrinkles, pimples, and blemishes. Like the bathtub, let your skin for a while to have the chance to soak the anti-bacterial and cleansing properties.

For better and effective results wash your face only after 30 minutes from applying it. It’s okay you can apply it every day, it won’t affect your skin

For acne 

Using apple cider vinegar as a face wash will also work as an acne treatment, the only difference is that there is an additional process. Before you dub the cotton ball into ACV first, mix filtered water with apple cider vinegar ( raw and unfiltered). Then dub the cotton ball, apply on acne spots, only this time leave it on for 10 minutes then wash it off.

You can use this method for a few days or every two days. 

As a toner 

To use it as a skin toner mix it with filtered water in a bowl. If you like so you can add your favorite essential oil for moisturizing effects it will help trust me. 

The same as usual take a cotton ball and dub it into your homemade apple cider vinegar toner, you can wash it off only after a few minutes. 

use this twice or thrice a week for six weeks or more. 

Side effects and precautions 

Whereas it considers complete safe for direct skin application. Apple cider vinegar may cause some side effect on the skin especially if it was undiluted

The side effects will come as skin redness, itchiness and irritation and in some rare cases even skin burns.

Well, what to do to prevent such complications. First, you would take a patch test, which is a test that helps you whether your skin will develop other skin problems or not.

Take a cotton ball, dub it into ACV and rub it off your forearm, cover the area for 24H then see if you have any of the mentioned side effects. 

Second, due to its acidic nature don’t overuse apple cider vinegar because it also may cause these side effects.

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