Argan Oil for Face: Benefits, Usage, Precaution, and buying tips

There are multiple uses of argan oil for skin. It comes in multiple different forms of use, it comes in a supplement capsule, or it can be mixed up with cosmetic products such as shampoos, soaps, and conditioners. let us know more about it.

An introduction To Argan Oil

Many of you have been asking about argan oil, today is your lucky day indeed. First things first, let’s start with a brief introduction, overview about it, argan oil is what most users consider as a skin oil miracle. Argan oil or liquid gold as some suggest calling it an organic product made from the argan trees native to Morocco. Typically, this oil frequently sold as pure oil as, but first it must be extracted from the kernels of argan trees. This liquid gold is extremely beneficial for the hair, face, and skin.

Is Argan Oil good for skin?

argan oil with argan fruit

Using it for skin care is very beneficial for health and especially for skin, most importantly, its ingredients are completely natural. For example one of those ingredients is Vitamin E which is considered as a motivator to maintain healthy skin and eyes. Another similar ingredient is carotenes which also support healthy skin, eyes, and boosts your immune system.

Besides using it for skincare. Applying argan oil for face helps to produce the skin’s natural oil barriers to help you look younger, who doesn’t like to go back to the younger him tight? I would.

Finally, the answer to our question of whether argan oil is good for skincare and face or not, well definitely it is.

What are the benefits of argan oil for Face and skin?

What made me fascinated about argan oil is that you can use it on any skin type and get the result you’ve been seeking. Isn’t great? Thus, here’re some of the benefits of argan oil based on the skin condition

1. Hydrating skin:

healthy skin

The best way to hydrate your skin is to use argan oil for dry skin, the processes are quite simple, by layering oil on your face you will look in moisture. But, keep in consideration that the processes will take some time for certain elements like vitamin E and essential fatty acids. This Oil’s compositions help to improve skin hydration by giving it moisturizing properties and potential. 

2. Improve skin texture

Beautiful Skin

Using this oil for skin lightning has proven to be very effective to reduce the amount of melanin in your skin, and to lighten the dark patches. As it been known dark patches the main result is the exposure to the sun, environmental pollution, or hormonal influences. Therefore, argan oil was the ideal option that helped to reduce inflammation on my skin. As Kim suggested argan oil for lightening skin is a go for the product for those who suffer from inflammation. 

3. Acne-fighting

Putting oil on oily skin may sound ironic or touches of sarcasm, but thanks for argan oil for oily skin this scary idea is about to fade away. According to a recent survey or study that found that using argan oil on oily skin about twice a day for a month will help to reduce sebum levels and lead to a less shiny complexion. 

Argan oil made wonders for my oily skin, it helps me to control acne by balancing out the sebum productions of my skin. 

4. Prevent wrinkles


Thanks to the omega fatty acids in argan oil I was surprised to see changes in my strengthen tissues in my skin, therefore my skin now appears more youthful, and the confidence I gain after is amazing. As we grow it will get hard to reduce wrinkles as a result of losing both collagen and the elasticity.

For those who are not familiar with the term elasticity, the skin can snap back after being starched. Furthermore, using argan oil for sensitive skin will not only prevent wrinkles but also repair your skin. Now imagine the following your skin is no more sensitive or itchy and most important you prevented skin wrinkles

5. Control itchy skin and prevent skin rash

argan oil bottle with flower

Argan oil is not only to make your skin look nice and shiny but also can control certain skin diseases such as itchy skin or skin rash. Using argan oil for itchy skin will protect your skin and most important you will be able to control your itchy skin condition. Moving forward, a big number of people suffer from skin rash conditions, and one way to prevent and control it is by applying argan oil for skin rash on your skin.

6. Brighten skin and fade dark spots

Another great benefit of argan oil is to brighten skin and fade dark spots there are two ways to use it to gain the first benefit. And that is taking advantage of argan oil for skin brightening. Especially for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation, brown spots, years of exposure to the sun, and more… At this point, argan oil may help to improve your skin brighten. Second is to use argan oil for skin pigmentation and that is to strengthen the skin and skin tissues. That way you will not only have bright skin but bright strong skin also isn’t amazing!! 

How to use argan oil for your face and skin

argan oil for face

The way I use argan oil is to combine it with my daily routine and still get the results I hoped the first day I purchased. However, try to consider reaching for 100% pure argan oil in that way you will enjoy the maximal effectiveness too. Another thing that got me fascinated about it is that argan oil makes other products more effective than they were, thanks to its oily nature, fatty acids, and Vitamin E.

For me I use pure products and use argan oil on my skin by applying it directly on face, skin, and hair, As a matter of fact, applying argan oil for face issues is the best way to obtain its effectiveness on face issues. Yet somehow, when using 100% of pure oil, not all ingredients help to maximal effectiveness, while some help others don’t.

Now let’s get in the depth of how to use argan oil for your face, the steps I’m about to share with you are proven to be very effective and guaranteed from personal experience. The first thing to do is to wash your face gently with cold water to make sure it’s clear, then pat your face dry and leave your skin slightly dump but not wet (It’s very important to do that to gain results).

When you apply argan oil make 2 to 3 drops on your face and gently massage it by spreading it on all of your face and skin, now leave it more than 5 minutes the longer you leave it the better. Finely repeat the processes about twice a day for 4 months and see the wonders. Note; to gain better result the oil must be used around three to four months. 

Other Usage of Argan Oil for Skin

1. Use as a toner

It’s best to use Astringent toners that contain alcohol to dry oily skin, this is a precaution you should follow each time if you have oily skin. In 2014 a study reported that natural astringent like witch hazel can have skin shooting properties. 

2. As a moisturizer

Most people suffer from oily skin, but applying the ideal moisturize can be very beneficial when using argan oil for skin care.

3. Argan oil as primer

Argan oil has anti sebum properties and provides moisturization for a longer time. this non-greasy oil can be used as a makeup primer.   

4. Makeup remover

It can effectively remove makeup. To remove makeup apply argan oil all over your face and under-eye, with the use of cotton balls, dry towels or the tissue paper you can easily get rid of makeup.

What precaution you should follow while using it

argan oil with argan fruit

If you are willing to try argan oil for the sake of beauty it’s great but there must be ways to protect your skin especially if you change products. Fortunately, we made a list of actions to do as a way to prevent the worst. 

1- Take a patch test

Washing the area of testing and choosing a concealed spot that is close to the application spot is a great way to test if your skin is sensitive or not. Therefore I recommend you do a test patch if it’s your first time in applying argan oil or any time you use it. 

2- Check the label

Never forget to check the label of the product each time you use it. For example, there might be some ingredients your skin may be sensitive for and that’s a skin issue we want to prevent

6- Do not overuse argan oil 

One way to prevent your skin to get worst is to use a big amount of oil with the purpose of speeding up its effectiveness. Using more oil may cause itchy and rash skin depending on your skin type and condition.

5- Wash and dry your skin 

As mentioned before in using a patch test, it’s very important to have clean and dry skin before using argan oil whether if it’s on your face or skin.

Where and how to buy argan oil

As for your concern about where you buy argan oil, well it’s widely available in all medians of Morocco. But there are other small numbers of cosmetic argan oil products I recommend you to buy from.some of those cosmetics are Pura D’or Argan oil, and Poppy Austin Argan oil, both of them have high reviews from their customers. And for packaging, it’s best to buy and store argan oil in glass bottles, that way you will avoid any contamination from the plastics.

Storage precaution you need to follow

To gain the maximal effectiveness of the way you store argan oil matters, therefore I recommend you to store argan oil in a dark-colored glass bottle, because of the sunlight or any kind of light effect argan oil properties. 

What are its side effects 

Argan oil as a skincare product is safer for most of the people, but that doesn’t mean there will not by any side effects for certain category Here’s a minor list of some of its side effect 

Argan oil can cause skin rashes or may irritate the skin, but this side effect may happen for those who have tree net allergies.

  • Argan oil may also result in digestive upset including nausea, gas, and diarrhea 
  • Loss of appetite or boating 
  • Confusion and sleep difficulty
  • General malaise
  • Over excitement or in some cases depression. 

Final word, if you ever noticed any kind of this side effect while using it, stop taking argan oil and consult a skin doctor.

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Argan Oil for Skin: Benefit, Different Ways of Usage and Precaution
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