Bella Vita organics’ Papy Blem Face gel
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Bella Vita organics’ Papy Blem Face gel Review

When it comes to skincare we always choose natural ingredients for their effectiveness and safety. Today I came up with Bella Vita organics’ Papy Blem Face gel review. I recently bought two product of this brand one is bela vita Nico lip which is lip lightening scrub balm and another is this amazing golden gel.

Brand Introduction: Bella Vita organic is herbal brand which makes amazing product for skin and hair which are free from harsh chemicals with proven results.


1.It makes your skin soft from the first application.

2. With regular use it lightens your blemishes.

3. Provides healthy on the skin

4. Provides instant hydration.

5. Act as a moisturizer

6. No need to use aloe Vera gel exclusively.

7. It helps you to get rid of dark spot.

8. Free from sulfate, silicon and parabean.

7. Ayurvedic product

8. It fights pigmentation with regular use.

9. Repairs the dull skin.

10. This is unisex product can be used by men and women.

11. Cruelty free.

12. No strong fragrance.

How to use: You can use it whenever you feel like butit is best to be used in night. First, wash your face with mild face wash then take required quantity on finger massage on face and neck in circular motion. It quickly absorbs into your skin.

Ingredients: extracts of papaya, saffron, rose, Night jasmine, Aloe Vera, calendula, daisy, orchid, basil, lotus, Glycerin, and essences and, deionized water, and safe preservatives,

Price: The cost of this product is 699/- INR

Packaging: This product comes in beautiful round shaped glass jar with golden lid. It comes in quantity of 60 gram and shelf life of 18 months.

My experience of this product: Since first use I started feeling my skin has become soft and smooth. With regular use this gel helped me to reduce pigmentation and dark spots. I found this product great because I have oily skin and it does not make my skin greasy.

I am using this gel as night cream as well as before make up I am experiecning that my dark spots getting fade day by day.

How to order: You can order this product from Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and from Bellavita organic’s website.


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