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Amazing Benefits of Olive Oil For Hair

Hair beautifies personality.  We all want to look perfect and beautiful. Every girl wants to have beautiful, lustrous, smooth, and silky hairs. On the other hand, every man and boy wants to have silky smooth hair.  For every person, hair is something that should be perfect. Sometimes it happens that we dressed up so well but due to our hair fall or hair problems we did not feel that much confidence.  In order to feel confident it is very important to have good hair. In today’s generation, everyone is so busy in his or her stuff that no one is having that much time to take care of hair properly. And pollution and waste are also increasing day by day due to which our hair and skin suffer the most.

We usually apply the cream, body lotion, face mask, and other cosmetics to our skin to keep it fresh but sometimes we avoid taking care of our hairs.  Along with skin, hair is also important to be taken care of. If you are also one of those who wants to take care of your hair but does not have that much time then there is one ingredient that you should use and you will definitely get the best results. That magical ingredient is Olive Oil. Yes, you have heard it right. You do not need to purchase any expensive products or any Chemicals that may harm your hair or skin. All you need to do is to purchase a bottle of olive oil and apply it on your hair and scalp to have the best hair day.  

There are numerous benefits of olive oil to the hair.  If you apply olive oil to your hair then you will get smooth, silky, lustrous, strong hair and you will definitely feel beautiful and confident. Here in the below section, we have stated some of the best benefits of using olive oil for hair loss. Olive oil does not only help in reducing the hair fall problem but also in hands is hair growth.  Let’s take a look over the olive oil hair benefits.

Benefits of olive oil for hair

Olive oil helps in removing dandruff

The first and foremost benefit of using olive oil is that it helps in removing dandruff from the scalp. Dandruff is dry and flaky in nature and it usually comes from the scalp. You can use olive oil with lemon to get rid of dandruff and get a new exfoliated layer of skin. To get the best results you need to who makes an equal amount of lemon juice, water, and olive oil. Now apply that mixture on your scalp and massage it for around 10 minutes. Thereafter you need to leave your hair for around 20 minutes. Rinse your hair with water and shampoo. It is one of the best dandruff fighting treatment you will get and can use anytime you want.

1. Helps in getting rid of split ends

If you are suffering from the problem of split and then you must consider the olive oil once.  Olive oil removes the phrase and split ends from your hair and provides your Messy and unkempt look. All you need to do is to tab your fingers in olive oil and run them throughout your hair after styling. It will give your hair and flyaways a  Kiss off.

2. Strengthens the hair

Whenever the weather changes we start facing hair loss problems.  The major Hair problem is its weak point due to change weather Hair Gets weak and starts breaking. Sometimes hair also loses their strength due to lack of moisture. Olive oil helps in bringing back the moisture to the hair and make them strong and Shiny. The best part about olive oil is that it is free of chemicals and there are several vitamins and antioxidants mixed in it. Yes, olive oil contains vitamin A, Vitamin E and several antioxidants that help in protecting the Keratin the hair and seals the moisture in it. Olive oil is also considered as best to remove the sebum build-up from the hair.

3. Olive Oil Helps in managing the hair

If the hair is looking lifeless then it will become very difficult to hold a curl what is style it properly. When hair is lifeless that does not hold any management. In order to manage the hair, it is important to Resort them by using the hot oil treatment.  Heat up the olive oil and then and put your hair properly. Leave the oil for around 30 minutes and then watch it by using the shampoo. You will see instant results and your hair will get much-needed moisture.

4. Olive Oil Helps in getting extra smooth hair

Everyone wants to have smooth and silky hair. If you are also dealing with split ends and frizzy curls then there is no need to worry now. Olive oil can help you in providing softness to your hair and make them smooth. Every week you should massage your hair with olive oil and it will replace the extra chemical ingredients that are used in conditioners to have a false feeling of silk and smoothness.

5. Olive Oil Helps in reducing the irritability in the scalp

Sometimes it happens that the scalp becomes so dry and prone to itchiness. In such a situation, it is important to massage your scalp with olive oil. Olive oil will reduce the itchiness from the scalp and provide the best results.

6. Olive Oil Acts like a doctor for your hair

In order to make your hair healthy, you should use the olive oil hair mask. In order to prepare the olive oil hair mask, you need to mix Honey, egg yolk and olive oil into a bowl and then make a paste of it. Apply the paste on your hair and leave it for around 20 minu. tes. Thereafter you need to wash your hair with a mild shampoo.  A mild shampoo is suggested because it will not wash away the nutrients of The Mask from your hair.

7. Olive Oil Helps in getting long hair

If you are willing to get long hair but is still after trying a lot of methods not achieving the results then you must consider the olive oil once. Olive oil promotes the growth of the hair by removing the excess buildup of sebum. If you want to grow your hair longer than you must try olive oil massage regularly.

8. Olive oil also helps in preventing the hair fall problem:

If you are facing hair fall problem and have tried a lot of methods then you must apply some olive oil to your hair once. Olive oil contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that help the hair to get a lot of strength.

9. It is compatible with every hair type:

Every girl or a person is having a different hair type and not every shampoo, conditioner or oil can work with every hair type.  Olive oil is something that can go with any type of hair. If you are having hair problems and confused that which type of product you should use then you must not get confused and use the olive oil freely. It is best for every hair type

10. Also helps in treating hair infections

Sometimes it happens that due to pollution and several other weather conditions our hair gets infections that cannot be treated easily. In such situations, you can easily use olive oil massage in your hair. You can also add some Vitamin E to the olive oil and then apply it.

11. Helps in getting rid of lice

If you are suffering from the problem of life and have tried every method but nothing is working then you should try some camphor and olive oil to your hair. Mix the olive oil with camphor and shake it well. Thereafter use the comp and you need to apply this oil to your hair and leave it for around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

12. Help in conditioning the hair deeply

If you use the olive oil regularly then you will not need to use the conditioner ever. Olive oil provides the best condition for your hair. Massage your hair with olive oil before 30 minutes of head wash. After washing your head when you comb it, you will definitely feel the difference

13. How to Use Olive Oil for Hair Growth?

Usually, their hair loss occurs due to a hormone that is known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone).  Due to this hormone the hair for little step to narrow. Olive oil prevents the hair from this happening due to which the scalp hold the hair for a longer period of time. Olive oil plays an important role in promoting the great health to your hair and scalp, fighting against the bacterial and fungal infections, improve the blood circulation in the head and several others. When the blood circulation becomes better, the hair follicles get stimulated and start producing and healthy hair strength.

Olive oil and hair growth are having an amazing relationship in between. Olive oil works amazingly in preventing the hair loss and even there are several experts who have proved that if you use the olive oil regularly then you will be able to restore the hairstyle. In order to get the best results, it is important to know the proper application method using for hair loss.

14. How to Apply Olive Oil to Promote Hair Growth

To use the olive oil for hair growth you need to take around 20 or 30 ml in a bowl and add around 10 ml of coconut oil into it. Thereafter you need to warm this mixture into the microwave and it is important to ensure that it should not be overheated. You should be able to touch the oil without scalding your fingers. Thereafter you need to fast your hair into sections and then apply that warm oil gently to your scalp by using your fingertips.

Moving from section to Section, you need to continue the procedure and till the whole head gets covered. After covering the scalp you need to apply some mixture to your route and tips of the hair. It will help in providing more strength to the entire hair and also helps in avoiding the split end conditions. Thereafter leave the hair and then wash it with shampoo.

Hence, these are some of the best benefits of olive oil to hair. So if you are also suffering from hair problems or willing to get long and smooth hair then you must apply some olive oil to your hair.

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