Coffee For Skin: Benefits, Usage, Facepack recipe and precaution

Can you use coffee for skin?

The definition of coffee may changes from one person to another, depending on their point of view and personality, so when asking people about what is coffee for them the answers will be it’s a culture, art, or economy…and more.

But, coffee it’s not only a way to boost your morning energy or you drink it while reading your Jane Austen favorite book. You can also use coffee for the skin.

Yes, indeed you can and its benefits on your skin are more then you can imagine, so instead of making your whole focus on using coffee just as an addiction or to help with daily routine it’s time to intake shifting to the benefits of it for the skin.

First, what is coffee? 

What is coffee?

coffee beans

Originally, it’s brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans with a dark color, bitter and slightly acidic. It may have a stimulation effect on humans because of its caffeine content. You can prepared coffee in a variety of ways per your convince and it’s best to serve hot to gain the best experience.

Coffee consider to be the worlds most popular drink, but today’s topic will talk about 

  • Is it good for the skin?
  • The best coffee powder for topical usage
  • What are the benefits of it for skincare?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • What are the different ways to use it for the skin? 
  • FAQ
  • Precautions to follow 

Is coffee good for skin?

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Beauty and health experts agreed that coffee may help defend the skin and cellular health and their studies found that not the coffee will do the job but the caffeine content in it that matters. Furthermore, caffeine coffee is also rich with antioxidants that help to keep your skin safe from dirt, and outside impurities.

Coffee contains both caffeine and antioxidants which play a significant role to save, protect, and improve your skin appearance. Meaning caffeine which is a natural constrictor will be your skin defender and boost your skin’s healthy appearance. 

The experts also found that coffee is diuretic which makes it for skincare as the perfect way to get rid of the unnecessary water, toxic, and improve water movement through the skin to make it cleaner, and clear.

Do you want to build a healthier skin appearance?… Keep reading to know how exactly you will accomplish that.

The best coffee powder for skin

coffee powder

Beauty experts suggest that any coffee powder has benefits for the skin. However, some brands may be more efficient that’s why we made a list of top 4 coffee powders to enjoy and treat your skin with them.

Note: Before using any coffee powder take a minute and see what are its ingredients to make sure you don’t have any allergic to any one of them. 

1-Nescafe classic coffee

Nescafe is one of the most popular coffee powder across the globe, it’s made from the Robusta beans. The brand founded and lunched in 1938 in Switzerland. 

Nescafe powder is rich with and flavor which makes it perfect to use on oily and dry skin to have a better skin condition.

2-Starbucks coffee powder 

Starbucks coffee powder is made with 100% natural Arabic beans with a professional crystallization method. The brand was launched it’s first mixture in 1971 and since then it becomes a quite famous brand for its ts delicious blend of coffee and long-lasting performance. 

Being perfectly natural makes is a good coffee powder option for skincare uses.

3-Leo madras coffee powder 

It’s made of selected coffee beans and high quality of chicory, The name Leo madras refers to the chicory which is famous in madras and for those who are not familiar with chicory ingredient well chicory works to boosts your skin’s collagen and smooth the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles and many more skin benefits 

4-Narasu’s coffee powder 

Consider being one of the old and most reputed brands since 1926, the company is India’s best coffee powder company it also made with a perfect combination of beans and chicory. So if you want to smooth your skin, reduce wrinkles, and boost your skin’s collagen you can use this amazing coffee for skincare.

What are the benefits of coffee for skin?

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Coffee is more than a drink to boost your day’s energy or just to enjoy in your spare time, this wonder drink has other beauty uses and benefits. Fortunately, we will share with you some of the advantages of coffee for skin

  • Absorb oil from the skin: dirt, oily skin, and blackheads most people have to suffer from those which make them a perfect balance contribution in clogging pores. But coffee will help to absorb and prevent excesses oil to the skin and repair skin damages thanks to the antioxidants 
  • Skin whiting: Using coffee on the skin for acne is one way to reduce acne and make your skin fresher and glow because that most coffee powders are rich with antioxidants that play as your defender against impurities. Coffee will help to reduce pigmentation, encourage blood circulation, and helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Therefore, using coffee grounds for skincare can be used to brighten and tighten the skin 
  • Anti-aging: being old sucks especially when you have age signs on your face, but hi, you can do something about that to start feeling young again. According to a related study, the best anti-aging treatment is to balance between drinking and using coffee for the aging purpose may help decrease the appearance of sunspots, redness, and fine lines. 
  • Protect the skin from UVB: coffee is rich with caffeine that helps to protect the skin from UV carcinogens because applying coffee on your skin may inhibit the DNA and damage response which gives your skin a strong defense line against UVB adverse effect. 
  • Reduce puffy eyes: if you apply coffee grounds after you cool them down under your eyes eyelid area it may help to reduce eye puffiness. Moreover coffee contains antioxidants that also help in shrinking blood vessels which also could reduce eye puffiness. 
  • Skin cleanser: the caffeine content in coffee is the key to have smooth fresh and clean skin. What caffeine do is to reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation, and get rid of dead skin cells and outside impurities so if you want to start using coffee for clear skin now it’s the time. 
  • Exfoliating: One advantage of using coffee grounds is that you don’t have to worry if water affects them, meaning coffee grounds don’t dissolve in water and are very efficient at moving dead skin cells, boosting circulation and reducing the appearance of cellulite. 
  • Skin Glow: Helps to make gorgeous glowing skin meaning coffee for skin glow can happen thanks to the caffeine content and antioxidant. Both of them work perfectly to brighten, tighten, and clean your skin with the time you will start to notice changes into your skin appearance. 

Are there any side effects?

coffee beans

Coffee is perfectly good for your skin health, but it’s best to avoid using or drinking it if you have coffee skin allergy because getting exposed to coffee beans, grounds, and powder may cause serious skin rashes or allergic reactions. Also if you have a coffee allergy it’s best to not drink it because it may cause acne and stress which may affect your skin health.

Therefore, if you start to experience any of the mentioned coffee side effects you should stop applying them immediately and consult your doctor.

What’re the different ways of using it for skin

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Here’re 5 different ways to use it for skincare on your daily routine

1- Skin whitening 

To make a coffee mask for skin whitening you need:1 tablespoon of coffee powder, 1 tablespoon of turmeric and 1 tablespoon of yogurt 

It’s simple, mix well the coffee powder, turmeric, and yogurt until the mixture is lump-free, then apply it to your face and neck. wait for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold/warm water.

Doing this twice a week will give your skin a natural color and fresher skin 

2- Skin glowing 

The way of using it for skin glow it’s quite easy you need 

  • 1 tablespoon of coffee powder 
  • A tablespoon of milk raw 

To make a coffee face pack for glowing skin mix the coffee powder with milk raw in a bowl and apply it on your dry face and neck. let it be about 10-15 minutes then wash it off with cold water. 

Applying this mask twice a week will help to exfoliate and get rid of impurities from your skin. 

3- Coffee scrub for skin lighting 

Coffee also helps to tighten, glow and clean your skin just combine the following ingredients 

  • 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds, 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar and 1 tablespoon of olive oil 

As always make a mixture of the ingredients in a glass bowl and apply the scrub on your face and neck while taking a shower.

the scrub will last for a month if stored in a jar and away from sunlight. 

4- Coffee for dark circles 


  • 1/2 tablespoon of coffee ground 
  • 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil 

Mix coffee grounds with olive oil and add a few water drops to form enough paste and use it under your eyes. Leave the past about 10 minutes then wash it off, you could do that before you go to bed or while taking a rest from long hours work.

5- Coffee exfoliating scrub 


  • 1/4 cup fresh coffee grounds 
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar 
  • Lemon juice 

mix coffee grounds with brown sugar and enough lemon juice to make a scrub then apply it directly twice or thrice a week before the shower. before you rinse the mixture leave it for 5-10 minutes or less. 


Can coffee cause skin rash? 

Not coffee but the caffeine may cause advanced side effects like skin rash and itchy, but that will only happen if someone already has an allergy for caffeine content.

Can coffee cause skin allergies?

yes, indeed it can but also if you are allergic to any of the coffee contents such as caffeine, chicory, or antioxidants. you may experience a skin rash, skin itchy, changes in your skin color, acne.

Therefore you must stop taking or using coffee and see your doctor for further instructions.

Can it cause skin issues 

Whether you drink it or apply it on your skin, face, and hair there might be skin issues but they are rare unless you have allergies problems related to coffee contents. 

Precaution to follow 

Even though you don’t have any skin allergies from coffee and its content it’s best to act safely while using it for skincare benefits 

Here’s some of the necessary precaution to follow 

  1. Taking a patch test is a highly important precaution way to know whether your skin has issues or allergies.

2. Store coffee scrub in a jar and warm place away from heat and high temperature

3. Check your coffee powder ingredients to see whether it contains other contents that you might be allergic to or not.

4. Apply face packs and scrub on clean skin and dry to benefit from their maximal effectiveness

5. If you’re using coffee scrub you should also use a facial product that contains more ground beans. 

6. Don’t overuse face packs only use them twice a week because it may harm you more then it suppose to benefit you.

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