We are looking for the decorative items which will enhance our living space. Hence I am reviewing an amazing product which is Decorative LED Shimmer Tree. As name suggest it can be used during festive,other special occasion or on day to day life. It has shape of tree and each branch ends with white pearl and inside these pearls LED lights are connected. No matter it is turn on or off it will add beauty in your living space.


It comes in 20 inch width and 50 cm height


It comes with 1 sparkly tree, 1 switch base, and a USB cable.

How to Assemble:

  1. connect sparkly tree to its base.
  2. You can use USB cable or 3 AA batteries to turn it on.
  3. You can arrange the flexible branches of the tree as per your desired style.
  4. Turn on the button and see the magic.

My Experience with Decorative LED Shimmer Tree:

I really liked this lightweight decorative LED shimmer tree. You can buy and enhance your living space.

Where To buy & price :

You can buy this Decorative LED shimmer tree from the bigsmall.in website. Its price is 1499 rupees.