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The Difference between Mist & Toner, Explained

Toners & mists are very effective skincare products as they remove dirt particles from your skin. Your skincare regime is incomplete without these organic toners and mists.

Both facial veils of mist and hydrating toners are water-based products that contain active ingredients and are effective in boosting the overall health of your skin. But both of them work differently. Keep reading to know if you either need facial toners or facial mists and how they can level up your skincare.

  1. Interpretation :
  • Facial toners are the skin care products that are specifically designed to minimize the pores which helps in creating a luminous appearance.
  • facial mist is a very effective way of boosting hydration on the skin without creating any mess.
  1. Skin type :
  • Facial toners are vital for people with oily skin since it is efficient in completing the CTM process by eliminating the remaining fragments of dirt, oil and dead skin cells from the skin. Most importantly, toners restores the delicate ph balance of the skin and minimizes the pores which is important for controlling sebum production.
  • Facial mists are proven to be more effective in hydrating dry skin, locking the moisture and concealing your dry skin. It also makes sure your skin does not dry out underneath and result in causing the foundation to be patchy and uneven.
  1. Usage :
  • Toners are generally applied with a cotton ball or pad. They are specifically designed to wet the skin and hydrate it as a preparation for other products which is why we do – Cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
  • Facial Mists are applied by using a spray bottle. It contains very mild and skin nourishing ingredients which help in setting up the makeup. It can also be used multiple times a day to keep your skin hydrated.
  1. Ingredients :
  • Facial toners contain active ingredients that are less than 10% in total composition of the product. It does not contain any heavy oils, light moisturizer and also galactomyces ferment is the main ingredient.
  • Mist contains very gentle and mild ingredients that can be sprayed multiple times on your face.Mostly consist of a watery base which is helpful in mild conditioning of the skin.
  1. Side Effects :
  • Toners are also astringent that consists of some active ingredients but also contains alcohol which might end up with dry and irritated skin.
  • Facial mists contain nutritional oils which provide hydration and locks in the moisture and also keeps the makeup in place.

Please Note :Not all facial mists and toners contain the same ingredients and will feel the same. Some of it will be trial-and-error. Do not expect every kind of skincare cure from toners and mist.

Conclusion: Though both the products contain hydrating properties, both do not perform the same function. Toner is a must-have especially if you have oily skin but nobody would ever want to lock in moisture on dirty skin. Right? Apparently, dry skin girls can also use toners to clean the face by following the CTM routine. Figure out what your skin really needs and find the best suitable products accordingly. Contrary to actual belief, Toners are really effective in minimizing the size of the pores. It’s real, not just a marketing strategy.

Try out natural and organic facial mist and toners because they are cost-effective and also classic products with a 100% natural formula that’s specifically designed for every skin type. There are so many varieties of mist and toners available in the market right now. Many conventional mists and toners contain synthetics and fillers. So, it is better to use organic or DIY facial toners and mists. Take care of your skin and don’t stress out!

Article By Earthy Selections – An online store for all organic and natural beauty products.


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