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Easy and Effective Home Remedies of dandruff

Almost ninety percent of people are suffering from dandruff. They even try out various medicines but could not get rid of itchy scalp and flakiness. Well, the dandruff problem does not stop with itchy scalp and flakiness it brings more issues along with it such as it would bring dry skin, sensitivity to hair products, development of a particular type of fungus and seborrheic dermatitis are very frequent guest with dandruff. If you are finding ways of getting rid of dandruff, here are some effective home remedies of dandruff.

Using Coconut Oil For dandruff

coconut for skin

Coconut oil is one of the panaceas if one is bearing skin issues. This helps in so many things, that’s why it is also known as a lifesaver. It will help you in improving skin hydration and protect your skin from getting dry that may worsen dandruff. On the other hand, in research, it has been proved that coconut oil is as much as seminal as mina oil in developing skin hydration (this is one of tip one should follow it the religiously as good part about this tip is that, it does not have any side effects). If you are even bearing eczema this would work there too. 

How to Use coconut oil for dandruff:

Before doing shampoo just apply coconut oil to your scalp massage for 4 to 5 minutes then wash it with a mild shampoo.

Note: coconut oil does not bear any side effects. So feel free using it for multiple reasons and more importantly, it helps you enjoy the natural beauty and sets free from dandruff. 

Take care of yourself by avoiding stress

Now, this is one of very pivotal pieces of advice that everyone ought to follow whether they are facing dandruff or not. Because stress is a very dangerous impact on various aspects of health and well being! This influences everything from chronic conditions to mental health. It is not that stress itself causes dandruff but it definitely does this for you: gradually putting you are around issues like dryness and itching. Stress has also its impact on the immune system. As the immune system is related to everything, if your body’s ability will get slack, it will stop fighting with diseases, even if it is small like fungus. Good immune system boosts up ninety percent of your health. It is definitely not good for health and scalp to come in that health.

Note: there is nothing good in going on with stress. It damages not just your hair but the entire of your body. 

Try Out Aspirin

If you know science little bit or keep account of medicine, you must be aware of the word Salicylic acid. It is one of the primary compounds that are being caught in the aspirin and this is, of course, responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of this Salicylic acid is almost in every anti-dandruff shampoos. As this keeps the ability to let you get rid out of scaly skin and loosening flakes so that it can be removed. 

Note: Aspirin may have its consequences that are why if you share any allergic relationship with it. You may ignore it!

Try Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil

The importance of tea tree oil is prevalent even in science. Many researchers have done it for extricating good results from it. So it has good consequences as it can treat ailments ranging from acne to psoriasis. It contains anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and this helps in alleviating symptoms of dandruff. One of the research says tea tree oil has the ability to defeat a particular strain of fungus and this is the reason for both seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff.

How you can use tea tree oil for dandruff

Note – Tea tree oil can be responsible for causing irritation in particular areas such as sensitive skin. Avoid applying there!

Applying Aloe Vera On Scalp

Alovera for skin

Since the presence of aloe Vera has been discovered it is said to be a panacea as it is one product with a hundred solutions. By seeing its multiple good results, since the last few years, aloe Vera has been included in skin ointments, lotions, and cosmetics. As it can even cure burnt areas, psoriasis, and cold sores!  Aloe Vera is even best in the treatment of dandruff. It contains antibacterial and antifungal prosperities and this helps in defeating dandruff. 

Note: Aloe Vera is a natural plant with various advantages and so it does not have any side effects. You can surely try this out.

Up your intake of Omega-3s

salmon fish

Omega- 3 fatty acid is one of a pivotal role for the body. It has so many benefits it. It helps in balancing oil production and hydration in promoting healing of wounds and protecting premature aging. Omega 3 fatty not only does make cell membranes but it also surrounds your cells, it has its big role in the functioning of heart, immune system and lungs. So omega fatty is definitely a very good from preventing yourself from dandruff. It brings many solutions along with itself.

Note: this one you may get consider to some local medical store or you may even ask doctors. Although, this one does not have any side effects but it is definitely helpful. 

Increase Intake of Probiotics

omega 3 capsules

Now, this is one of the other options which you may definitely take for your own benefit. It is one kind of profitable bacteria that is good for your health. It has the ability to defeating against allergies, lower cholesterol and increased weight loss. On the other hand, it has other tremendous good impacts that are of course immunes system, so it helps it improving and as mentioned above is the one of point immune system that is very pivotal in protecting you from several diseases. Moreover, it helps in lessening signs of skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, especially for infants and children. 

Note: As it defeats allergies, it must be anti-allergic. But still, concern it before inducting in regular usage. 

Perks of having baking soda

As many of us already know the benefits of having baking soda. But today, we will discover even more benefits of having banking soda. Besides helping us in kitchen pantries all over the world, it is one of the quickest comfortable and readily available remedies in helping you out in getting rid out of dandruff. It is one of a very soft exfoliate in removing dead skin cells that is why it even reduces scaling and itchiness. Many female even uses it for their underarms as it works in removing stubborn stains. It even works in removing unwanted hairs. Baking soda is also kept antifungal properties which will be profitable in the treatment of dandruff. This even works in letting you get rid out of skin infections. It is a very domestic product which can be found in every kitchen. And one can take thousands of benefits from it. 

Note: Although there are no side effects. But still, it ever gave you an allergic feeling avoid it. 

Applying Apple cider vinegar on Scalp


Many chefs use it in foods but there are other usages of it as well as which saves your scalp from getting eaten by fungus. As apple cider helps in the growth of yeast. On the other hand, even if you are using it solely, it still works well even naturally and even helps in cleaning blocked pores and hair follicles which will lead to minimizing dandruff.

Applying Onion Juice To Scalp


Onion has anti-microbial quality and that helps in removing dandruff. Looking at its other profits then we cannot ignore its nature of pumping our blood circulation flow better. So when it does that your blood circulations reach at the head first and that works in flushing out toxins. for this, you will have to keep it around 60 minutes and then you may wash your hairs with a mild sulfate-free shampoo. (Before you make a paste of onion that should be smooth, and apply it in the roots and then at the other place). This works well on everyone.

Note: Although, there are people who are allergic to onion but they are some exceptional case. But it works well in almost all cases.



It is another vegetable that just does not bring taste on your plate but rather it helps in bringing help for you during tough days of dandruff. Because garlic is rich in salicylic acid, a very common ingredient that works awesome fighting from dandruff. You can mix it with honey (this carries strong antimicrobial property). Then mash garlic cloves in a bowl and then set it free for some time. You can apply it to your scalp and hair and then leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Note: it is panacea so it is also allergic free. The possibility is there, some might be allergic to the fragrance, not ingredients. You may use it if you can bear it. 


curd for split ends

Curd just does not complement with aaloo paratha, it also helps in maintaining your health. One can apply it with curd, it has a seminal impact. It just does not let you enjoy dandruff free hairs, it helps in other ways, with the help of this one can see a change in their hairs. Curd let hair shine even! You can even apply by taking some curd to the hair and scalp. Then leave it for about an hour, then wash it off with shampoo but that should be mild. 

Note: allergic to rare people, works well! 

Multani Mitti Hair Pack

Whether you believe or not these are some of the best with its best results. Multani mitti is there for so long, and since then it is given tremendous results whether it is your hair or face.  The other good part about Multani mitti is that it helps in restoring hair health. It even lets your hair enjoy a beautiful journey of soft silky hair and dandruff free is complimentary from its side. So you see there is the number of profits of multani mitti. When you bring multani mitti for the next time, make sure you bring a little more from keeping yourself save. 

Note: It can be allergic!

Lemon juice


As far as you never knew about lemon except, taking the very first thing in the morning with honey and lukewarm water. Now today, you will know its other profits and that is obviously justifying the topic. Lemon is one of the panacea in curing so many things without bearing any consequences back. Those often use lemon in their regular mile they already know its advantage. 

So if one is going through dandruff, one minute try out the lemon. You just have to squeeze the lemon, when you do that you, apply on the roots of the hair, scalp so that it could reach to the problem. Leave it half an hour or 20 to 15 minutes. Do it twice a week for better results. These will definitely be going to set your hair dandruff free. As there is vitamin c, citric acid is there then so many things are there. Vitamin, potassium, iron, flavonoid and copper, all the ingredients are there for offering you good results. It even helps in setting stubborn stains whether it is on the body or utensils, which are why lemon is being opted for many reasons.  

Note: it can allergic!

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