Easy Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Do you think you are more prone than others?. Is your face getting to feel dry and itchy? If this is your case, you probably want to know Skincare Routine For Dry Skin.

The article will provide you insights about the most common main reasons that lead to dry skin issues. Not only that, but it will also provide the best daily routine for dry skin including the morning routine and evening skincare routine.

Starting from the bottom 

What causes dry skin? 

From the general experts’ point of view, dry skin may get itchy and its reasons may change from one person to another. However, all beauty experts tend to agree on one fact only, which is dry skin it is very much connected to sebum production.

In most cases, sebum production is the reason for having dry skin as well for oily skin. If its too much production of the sebum oil, the skin tends to get greasy and oily. On the other hand, if the skin has a low sebum oil production, the skin losses its normal appearance and gets itchy and dry.

As for now, you have learned that poor sebum production will leave your skin, dry, itchy, and Bumpy. Yet, what results in a low oil level in the skin 

Here are some of the most common reasons that result in low sebum production and dry skin condition.

  • Weather conditions, by that I mean cold weather or temperature. Cold weather may lead to lower your sebum production and cause skin dryness 
  • While cold weather could result in skin dryness, dry air could also do that.
  • Unbalanced oil production is also a working factor, but, there is another factor that is the PH level. In many cases, people with unbalanced PH in their skin tend to have dry and itchy skin
  • Using too much chemicals soap may get your skin dry, flaky, and itchy.
  • Sun exposure may also result in dry skin

Skincare routine for dry skin 

Figuring out the main reasons that make your skin dry will certainly help you to come up with the best dry skin care routine. To make your skin looks attractive and glowing you would have to maintain a daily skincare routine. Although, your daily routine should contain morning skin routine and evening skin routine.

Treating your skin before going out and after going sleep should help you achieve your skin desires. But first, what is the best skin regime for people with dry skin issues? 

Your skin regime for dry skin treatment should be a perfect combination of skincare processes. And that includes using a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and many more.


Using a cleaner on your face consider as the most important step to treat dry skin, it will help you soothe it, and supple it. If you are putting make up its okay to apply cleanser but only as long as you stay away from make-up wipes. Those tend to corrupt your skin and make it even itchier and flaky due to alcohol content in the wipes.


The problem of dry skin issues is that the skin has low hydration levels and this is what a toner could help with. I strongly recommend a toner product which is more specifically made for hydrating effects. Moreover, you can also use your toner product to get rid of makeup leftover, due to its alcoholic elements.

Exfoliate skin 

Your next step here to apply exfoliation product, for that matter exfoliation serum will make a great option. The advantage of applying exfoliating skin products is to help get rid of the skin’s dead cells, reduce dark spots. 

Due to its antioxidant and vitamin contents, your skin will have a deep exfoliation effect even if your skin consider a sensitive one. Its recommend for people with dry skin issues such as pimples, acne dark spots to never forget to exfoliate their skin.

Facial serums 

Facial serums are very beneficial and necessary for your dry skin regime. Most people found that using a facial serum will help rejuvenate and hydrate their skin, with a simple moisturizing boost your skin will get fresh and glow. The benefits of these serums are countless, they can prevent acne, protect your skin from the weather condition which could make your skin flaky and itchy. It’s best to purchase facial serums that contain vitamin C and has a good hydration effect.


Your daily skin routine for flaky and itchy skin won’t make a much if you skip moisturizing your skin. The best things come last, and you can say that about skin moisturizing for many reasons and benefits. Applying your favorite skin moisturizer will help boost collagen production and get rid of the dead cells, It can also make your skin hydrated and gives it a deep cleansing.

Morning skincare routine for dry skin 

Your daily skincare routine should start first thing early morning, and that should be your morning skincare routine. it’s not that hard to processes it, the opposite it’s easy to learn and master.

You can use a morning skincare routine to treat acne-prone and dry skin in only four simple steps 

Apply cleanser

As it has been said before cleanser products could help get rid of dry skin and make it more hydrated and radiant. Your first move in the morning is to use a face wash with hydrating contents and clean your face with. Although, while face washes or soaps work wonders on skin, but overdoing them might get your skin even worst. 

Use a facial serum

After a good cleaning, turn your hand to pick up a facial serum, rub it on your hands, and apply on your face. Facial serums could come handy when it comes to fighting cold, heat, toxic, and other environmental factors. 


Your third step here is to apply your favorite skin moisturizer. After washing your skin and applying a facial serum gently take a few drops of your moisturizer and massage your skin in a circular motion. You should keep doing that for 2-3 minutes, this will allow your skin to absorb its contents. However, you have dry skin so not any moisturizing product will fit your desires, so go for the one who suits you better. By that, I mean products that contain vitamin B, glycerine, and hyaluronic acid 

Dont forget your sunscreen 

Going out without using a sunscreen makes your skin week, and that could lead to damage to your skin and make it drier. Therefore, your last step in your morning routine is to apply sunscreen to protect from UV and sun damage.

Night skincare routine for dry skin 

Cleanse your face 

Your night routine will contain five steps, starting with first getting rid of makeup so you can properly cleanse it. Use a make-up remover or simply remove it bu using oil, this could help. Afterward, wash off your face to get rid of dirt and impurities, a water-based cleanser will do the job for this step 

Exfoliate your skin 

Adding to your dry skin care routine natural exfoliation will help you in many ways. You can also apply scrub to exfoliate your skin, it will leave you with a soft and attractive appearance. However dont overuse it, twice a week its recommended.

Hydrate your skin 

You can simply hydrate your skin by following two essential steps for your night routine. First, the facial mist will help to make your kin more hydrated by improving sebum production and skin cell production. 

The second one, hydration serums, however, in a dry skin case, apply products that contain a high concentration of hyaluronic acids and vitamin E. These ingredients have the ability to boost your skin health and make it soft and gentle.

Moisturizing cream 

Before having a good night’s sleeps apply your moisturizing cream or simple cream mask. This final step will help your skin to get better and healthier so you can easily treat it in the morning.

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