Hemp seed oil for skin: How to Use, Benefits and Usage

Hemp seed oil is a unique skincare product, it’s much more like a revolutionary skin oil. It’s an astonishing skin moisturizer nourishes.

You could incorporate it with other skincare products and cosmetics, if we use hemp seed oil for skin, It delivers incredible skin benefits as well as hair benefits. Whatsoever, this topic will focus entirely on the hemp seed oil skin benefits and uses.

First things first

What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil or only hemp seed, naturally extracted from the hemp plant also known as the Cannabis Sativa plant. 

Typically, the seeds that are divided from that cannabis Sativa species contain a high level of THC that is used as a drug or marijuana. 

Hemp seed oil is also rich with a high level of essential fatty acids such as Linolenic acid and alpha acid, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties. 

It’s complex and high nutrition gives you the advantage to treat and heal your skin, hemp seed is an incredible moisturizer and anti-age agent.

Giving its oily nature it also works wonders on oily skin as an agent to control and balance oil levels on the skin, clogging pores and treating acne.

Is hemp seed good for skin? 

If it’s not we won’t be talking about it, hemp seed oil has a popular reputation as a skin care product and cosmetics. It’s an excellent and natural skin nourisher. 

Thanks to its natural nourishing nutrition that act as a skin healer that leaves you with a healthy and nourish the skin 

The essential fatty acids will provide a lasting moisturizer skin and treat other skin, one we mentioned is acne, wrinkles, pimples, and the rest of aging signs.

Oily skin problems or dryness may get you frustrated, but there is a silver lining here which is hemp seed oil. 

It’s natural composition and properties make it perfect for all skin types. Meaning it will balance the hydration and oil level in your skin.

Benefits of Hemp seed oil for skin

1. Moisturizing 

The best skin benefit that any oil could deliver is a deep skin moisturizing. As it happens hemp seed oil is the best essential oil to retain the skin’s moisture.

Giving its essential acids contents hemp seed works great to maintain skin moisture and a perfect fit for all skin types. And like any other oils, you can directly apply hemp oil on your skin to benefit from its moisturizing component. 

2. Reduce oiliness 

A skin that contains high oil levels will increase your chance to clog pores and lead to acne problems. Whatsoever, the hemp seed oil contains the right properties that reduce the skin’s oil levels and without clogging pores.

Using this oil as an oil massage will benefit your skin greatly, balance oiliness and make it healthier 

3. Reduce dryness

It reduces oiliness and dryness!!. Yeah absolutely you’re reading is 100% true and there are few products that can do them both.

Moreover, hemp seed oil for its oily nature will treat skin dryness and keep it hydrated and also without clogging pores and that’s the best thing when treating your skin with such kind of oil. 

4. Anti-inflammatory agent 

Skin inflammations such as eczema or acne are natural skin responses that could result in itchiness, redness, and many skin conditions. Treating this condition is an essential aspect of the skin regime.

Hemp oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent thanks to its linolenic acid (omega 6) contents. 

The fatty acid omega-6 will decrease skin inflammation and boost skin cell generation to a healthy and glowing skin 

5. Anti-age agent 

The fatty acids omega 6 and omega 3 of the hemp seed oil are amazing you add to fight to age. 

Both of these nutrients will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fines lines.

hemp oil is also very efficient for pigmentation and dark spots, it’s work is simple. 

It will get into skin layers and reduce all aging signs to leave you with a youthful and clear skin appearance.

6. Increase oxygen 

Low blood flow and low oxygenation result in changing the skin’s natural color. In other words, your skin will look poor. However, hemp seed oil seems to have the ability to solve this kind of problem.

The hemp oil is an excellent source for vitamin E that will get deeper into the skin and boost red blood cell production which will improve skin oxygenation. 

7. Exfoliate dull skin 

Few oil carriers that act on all skin types and deliver outstanding skin benefits, but hemp seed oil does that part and in a good way too. Hep oil will help to maintain skin moisture and exfoliate dull skin.

You could apply 3-4 drops of the oil as a massage session twice or thrice a week, by the time your skin will gradually get healthier and brighten.

8. Reduce acne 

Acne could result in high oil levels in skin fortunately, you already know that hemp seed will cover that oiliness part. Moreover, it’s great on decreasing the oiliness in the skin and amazing in reducing acne as well.

9. Brighten and soften the skin 

If it works as a skin moisturizer and helps fighting age, then will brighten and clear your skin.

Hemp seed oil will help reduce dark spots, pigmentation, fight to age, and clear your skin from inside to outside to leave it fresh and clean.

It also relieves tension and preserves it from bacteria thanks to its antibacterial contents.

How to use hemp seed oil on skin?

As a moisturizer

The easiest and the best use of hemp oil is to include it on your daily skin regime. You could easily moisturize and exfoliate your skin by rubbing enough amount of hemp oil on fully clean skin and massage it thoroughly.

The gentle massage will let the oil’s nutrition to sop into the skin’s layers and balance oil in the skin without clogging pores.

As acne and anti-aging agent

You could apply hemp oil directly on the acne area as well as on wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and eye puffiness. In your hand rub 4-6 drops of hemp oil and massage the acne or wrinkles areas by making a circle massage.

The circular movement of the massage will develop barriers to protect your face from getting exposure to the environmental factors that cause aging signs.

As a makeup remover 

First, clean your hands and apply a few drops of hemp seed oil on makeup, it works great on removing makeup and cleaning your face. After you apply wash your face with warm water.

As a face mask 

The hemp seed oil facial mask is a wonderful way to moisturize, soften, brighten, and reduce age signs on your face. It a full package that you do want to try.


  • Mixture
  • 3 tbsp hemp oil ( organic Nutiva)
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil 
  • 2 tbsp french clay
  • 2 cup ripe avocado 
  • 3-4 drops lemongrass essential oil 

Pour them into the mixture and mix them, after you apply it leave it on for 15 minutes then wash it off.

As a face serum 

A hemp seed oil facial serum is one of the best face serums for oilier skin types, thanks to its linoleic acid and vitamin E contents the serum will;

Boost cell productions and get rid of dead cells, in addition, this will protect the skin from many environmental factors that could lead to many skin concerns.

Hemp oil face serum will help to balance oiliness levels in the skin and keep it hydrated as long as your day requires, one advantage of that is doing it without clogging pores.

Mixing hemp seed oil with other oil carriers may even boost your skin health and deliver high skin conditions.

As a soap 

Hemp seed oil soap is the best fit for dry or sensitive skin types, the advantage of it is that you could easily create your own hemp soap at home.

Thanks to the hemp oil healing and anti-inflammatory properties it will provide many skin benefits such as treating irritation inflamed skin and eczema. 

Are there any hemp oil skin side effects? 

Hemp seed oil considers a safe oil for skin regimes however, it may cause itchiness or redness as a response of topical use of it.

At this point, it’s always best to make a patch test and start small. 

The first thing to do is to apply small amounts of 3-4 drops and see if your skin is improving or not. The bottom line it’s a smart move to act smart


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