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When we take care of our body the face keeps the most important part of all our care. The face is the very first thing which anyone notices. So keeping that healthy and glowing is completely our responsibility. Gone those days when we never cared about our faces and body. We are in a time when we have to care for ourselves a lot. There are creams even through which you can remove your dark spots or pigmentation. But there is nothing like home remedies they give perfect solutions and results. So here are some Home Remedies For Dark Spots or Pigmentation

1. Vitamin E oil for Dark spots

The benefits of vitamin E oil as it helps in reducing the look of a variety of skin discoloration issues, especially dark spots. On the other hand, you do not even need to mix any other ingredients along with Vitamin E oil. You can apply it directly to your skin. It is one of a very effective solution to the problems. You can use it on a regular basis or before you go to bed. It even helps in bringing back the glow to your skin.

2. Buttermilk for dark spots


Milk has always been a great source for many things. It is one of kind as it can be used in all works. Whether you want to make something out of milk or want to use it for the betterment of your skin. Everything is possible. As there are presences of lactic acid in the buttermilk and this is one type of alpha hydroxyl acid. So this is really very useful in removing the dead skin cells from our face so as soon as it removes the dead cells from the skin it lightens dark spots. So there is no need you go to the doctors.

There are these remedies that really help in removing pigmentations from our faces.  There is a way which you must use if you are going to use buttermilk on your face. The use of buttermilk is even easy when you are using it as natural as you but it. So try to avoid it. How many times you should sue it? Then you can use it on a regular basis. You can even use milk or yogurt if you do not have buttermilk.

3. Sweet Almond Oil As dark Spot Home Remedy

almond oil

We all remember almond oil because our whole childhood is connected with it. It has changed the course of our lives. So this time also it can change you if you use it on your dark spots. Removing dark spots do not need big things they require small things. It is good for everything skin and hair. Those who have memory issues they can pretty well use it. Almonds contain linoleic acids, oleic acids, and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A, B2, B6, and E. Although, this little thing has various profits! 

Almonds are one of the brilliant things for removing dark spots, blemishes and other kinds of pigmentation. On the other hand, it keeps your skin protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Apply almond oil every night before you go to bed. This will bring you to the result very soon. it is one of the best home remedies for dark spots

4. Turmeric As dark spots home remedy

turmeric for dark lips

Since our childhood, we are hearing that there is no other medicine like turmeric. Our mothers have heard the same since their childhood. So the history of turmeric is long since we have not taken birth. It is the emblem of both Indian cultures and beauty. Turmeric has curcumin and this is one of very powerful antioxidant which helps us in fighting free radicals. That also can be considered one of the best home remedies of dark spots from our faces. This can be used on every alternate day and this would help a lot. Now you can use it y mixing it with turmeric, yogurt and olive oil in a bowl. Then you can apply the paste all over your face and then massage the dark spots areas in circular motions. Eave it for 20 minutes and then washes off your face.

5. Onion juice

So, yeah whether you have thought about it or not! Onion juice has changed so many lives. it gives very effective results to those who have any sort of dark sports then they can use this as one of the best options. it contains A, C and E – powerful antioxidants and that helps us in protecting skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. On the other hand, it frees radicals which cause it to wrinkle and age. You can mix both the things garlic plus onion and then make a paste of it. Apply on your face with cotton balls. So you can use it every night before going to bed. 

6. Papaya

papaya for skin

Fruits are just like our best friend. They never leave us in any situation in fact they sort out our problems. Papaya has so many benefits when you would use it you will get to know the profits of having papaya. It works as an antidote for dark spots. It helps us in removing dead cells from our skins and that is how your face gets lightened.  But keep in mind this that when you use fruits for any purpose. Try to use that always in the natural form so that it will give you more benefits. Papaya keeps your skin even glowing and fresh plus tight. 

So there are some other profits as well. Make a thick paste by blending it in the blender then apply on the face. Leave it for some time for about 20 minutes. Was your face from the water and then leave your face? When you do thrice in a week the results will be in front of you.

7. Tomato

Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay

Tomato is a very fruitful and useful fruit. It gives various profits. With the help of a tomato, you can uplift the quality of your face. Applying the only tomato can give you the best results. Those who are in search of glowing skin may take the help of a tomato. Plus this will also help you in removing dark spots. Tomato also contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and these minerals help in balancing good moisturizer on the skin and complete health care of the skin. You can use it in the natural form of even make a paste of it. The choice is yours. But there will be a suggestion that these give core profit when you use them in their natural form. You can use it on a regular basis.

8. Honey

honey for skin

It is also one another natural ingredient that helps in every way. If you want to keep your body active and skin healthy! Always choose honey, since morning to night it can give you some thoughtful results. On the other hand, honey is even everyone’s favorite. Do you know the reason behind it/ it never stales in fact honey should be as old as it could? 

It helps in providing good moisturizer and cleanser. It can be used for all age groups. Why honey works this way you must be thinking. So to answer your question you know it contains 80 percent sugar which works as an effective exfoliator and removes all dead, pigmented skin cells. Honey can also be used in different ways. So you can use it with potatoes or without potato. You will have the best results. When you are going to make a paste of it you can use it on a regular basis. 

9. Orange peel

orange peel for skin

Those who eat orange once in their life they must have used orange peel! This is one of a great way for removing dark spots and cleaning your face. You can even apply orange pieces on your face. The orange juice has an equal impact as its peel gives. As orange peel contains vitamin C and calcium (this helps in fighting against free radicals) plus it also helps in rejuvenating new skin cells. Orange peels will be the right choice for those who are looking for a solid way of removing dark spots. You can use this process every day. Or if you cannot use it on a regular basis then try to use it at least four days a week.

10. Aloe Vera gel 

Alovera for skin

Aloe Vera gel is one of the best ingredients and One of the best home remedies of dark spots. You can use it on your hair and you will get shiny and beautiful hair. Or you can use it on your face for glowing and good skin. Those who have any sort of spots on their face aloe Vera gel is one of the finest ways to get rid out of that. This will really help your skin to remove dead skin cells and make new ones. Whether your black spot. So, on your nose or dark spot on your face, this is helpful in every way. The best part is you do not need to mix anything still you will get the best results. You can use this process on a regular process. 

11. Potato 


How many of you love potato veggies? The majority of people would say they love it. But now today you will learn how to take the benefit of potatoes for skin which will be companion making your face beautiful. Those who are looking for some easy ways of removing dark spots from your face must look potato in their search. It contains starch plus sugar and they both work in removing dead skin cells and help other new cells to grow. That is how your skin also gets toned and feels fresh after taking the help of this. You just need to slice up a potato into very thin slices then apply some water to the potato slices. When it will get wet then you can place that to your face. Now leave it for at least 10 minutes. Now wash your face with water. Do it on regular basis results will be yours. 

12. Lemon juice


Lemon has always been one of the trustworthy ingredients whether it is about eating or using for face or even removing some adamant spots at your clothes. This is a true companion in all situations. So by accepting it you can remove your dark spot as it contains vitamin c and citric acid. Both help in removing dark posts and bringing that spark to your dead skins. It also lightens your face. Use it on alternate days this is going to help your skin.

13. Chickpeas

Image by PDPics from Pixabay

You must be thinking. You have always eaten chickpeas now what it is like to use it for the face. But yes this is true chickpeas are going to help your skin now, in fact, it can a better home remedy for dark spots. It contains manganese that rejuvenates skin cells and attacks free radicals that cause wrinkles!  You can make chickpeas paste and apply to your face. You would just need ½ cup of chickpeas and ½ cup of water and blend it. But before blending it you will have to boil the chickpeas in water. After getting soft results you can blend in when it gets cold. Then apply to your face leave it for half an hour. After that wash off with clean water. You can use this on a regular basis.

14. Castor oil

Castor oil is already so popular in these things. So why do not you apply it on your face? It helps in removing your dark spots from the skin and then cleans your face. Castor oil contains vitamin E and this also helps you in increasing blood circulation which also helps in the sprouting of new skin cells. That is how you add beauty to your skin. You can buy it from the market and apply it with a cotton ball. Before sleeping you can use it every night and you can apply it even when you wake up. With regular usage, it can act as one of the effective home remedies for dark spots.

15. Cucumber

So everyone is a fan of cucumber. Because it is a best friend during the summer! But do you even know? It also helps in removing your dark spots or cleaning your face. So this is also one of super helpful if your motto is keeping your skin healthy and fine. You just need to make cucumber juice and you can apply that with cotton. Leave it for some time then wash off your face. You can do it on a regular basis and results will be in front of you.


By following the above dark spots home remedies, you can get an idea to handle the dark spot with the support of home remedies. Make sure to use continuously to witness the better result in a quick time. At the same time, you need a lot of patience to see the outcome. 

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