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How to clean makeup sponge : Easy Tips

Makeup sponges make your makeup look awesome, but they can get dirty if not cleaned right. Here’s an easy guide for how to clean makeup sponge and your skin stays happy!

Easy steps to clean your makeup sponge or beauty blender

how to clean makeup sponge

Step 1: Get What You Need Grab a sponge, warm water, soap (baby shampoo or face wash works), and a bowl. If you have sponge cleaner, that’s cool too.

Step 2: Get It Wet Make the sponge all wet with warm water. It’s like giving it a little bath.

Step 3: Soap Up Put a bit of soap on the wet sponge. If you use a bar soap, make bubbles with your hands and put them on the sponge.

Step 4: Rub-a-Dub Gently rub the sponge with soap. Imagine you’re giving it a mini massage for about 30 seconds. This helps get rid of yucky makeup stuff.

Step 5: Wash Away Rinse the sponge super well with warm water until the soap is gone. The water should look clear.

Step 6: Squeeze It Give the sponge a gentle squeeze to get rid of extra water. No hard squeezing, though. We don’t want to hurt it.

Step 7: Let It Chill Lay the damp sponge on a clean, dry towel. Let it air dry. Don’t use the microwave or dryer, or the poor sponge might get hurt.

Awesome Tips for Make up Sponge Care:

Makeup sponge
  1. Keep it Routine Clean your sponge every week. If you use it every day, give it a wash more often.
  2. Super Dirty Sponge? If your sponge is really messy, let it soak in soapy water for a bit before rinsing.
  3. Store Smart Put your sponge in a clean, dry spot. Bacteria doesn’t like clean and dry places.

Bonus Cleaning Hacks:

makup sponge
  1. Special Sponge Cleaners You can use special sponge cleaners that know how to deal with makeup and dirt.
  2. Other Suds Options If no special cleaners, baby shampoo or face wash are good friends for your sponge.
  3. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse Rinse the sponge so well. Soap leftovers can make your skin unhappy.
  4. Drying Magic Wait until your sponge is fully, completely dry before you put it away. This helps stop bacteria from growing.

By doing these easy steps and cool tips, you’ll keep your makeup sponge clean and your skin free from troubles. Happy makeup time! 🌟


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