Jojoba Oil For Skin: Usage, Benefits, and Precaution

If you haven’t tried jojoba oil for skin, take a moment, it’s about time to go and try it.

But first, see learn everything you need to know about jojoba oil benefits and ways to use.

In this topic, you’ll take a closer look at:

  • What’s jojoba oil?
  • Jojoba oil nutrients 
  • Why is jojoba oil good for face and skin?
  • Jojoba oil skin benefits 
  • How to use it? 
  • How to take a patch test?
  • Are there any side effects? 

What’s jojoba oil?

jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is extracted from nuts that are produced from the seed plant of jojoba which grows in North America, the oil has been used for beauty routine from ages by North American natives. 

Jojoba is also known for the natives as ho-ho-ba, the natives are using it since the 1400s because it’s rich with natural ingredients that help to heal wounds and improve skin condition. This oil consider as one of the oldest natural oils that have been used for beauty care, 

What makes jojoba oil such a unique product is that it’s not exactly an oil, matter of fact jojoba is a wax ester, feeling surprised? It’s okay it was my reaction too.

Being a wax ester is much better than being an oil because wax esters are considered to be a main component in the human sebum, and that will make it easy for jojoba oil to improve skin and seal moisture and more benefits which you will learn later soon.

Jojoba oil nutrients

  • Vitamin E is great for skin scarring, improving skin cells and protecting skin from dirt and sunburns 
  • Vitamin A will help to speed up the processes of skin cells production and keep it safe 
  • Vitamin B is somehow alike vitamin E but also help to give the skin a smooth touch and glow 
  • Fatty acids are anti-aging contents and also protect skin from sun damages and treat fine lines 
  • Zinc is natural mineral nutrients that help motivate the production of skin cells 
  • chromium is a mineral which helps to nourish and protect skin from UV
  • Copper is a rich nutrient in jojoba oil for skin and also helps to protect the skin from sun damages and nourish it 

Why is jojoba oil good for face and skin-care?

Jojoba oil considers being completely 100% natural oil or wax ester which makes it somehow similar to the human constriction. Meaning if you apply jojoba oil for skin or face care it will help to protect and heal your skin from outside toxins.

The benefits of jojoba oil for skin are pleasantly amazing, this wonder wax ester will provide all of your skincare desires, it will protect, improve, and make it glow. the best part is it will make you look more youthful than ever. 

Being rich with vitamins A, B, and E you will able to make a defense line against skin sun damages and improve the production of skin cells. The same vitamins along with other nutrients your skin will be healthier and better than it was before. 

Jojoba oil skin benefits

For a good reason many people are using jojoba oil for skin beauty routine, and the evidence of its efficiency is more than satisfying. Therefore we made a list of top 11 benefits of jojoba oil for skin and face: 

You might what fit your beauty desires…

01- Moisture 

face massage

Wax ester or jojoba oil is great for skin moisturizing because it has some similarities with human construction.

The oil will make barriers for skin and prevent it from losing moisture by sealing it, it also helps as anti-bacterial to get rid of bacteria and other impurities. If you have wounds jojoba for skin will help to fight the infection and heal the wound 

02- Skin hydration 

healthy skin

Because it’s lighter and different than the typical skin oils, jojoba has the ability to absorb the excess oil from the skin faster than any other face oil product, if you have an oily skin wax ester will provide deep hydration along with an excellent moisturizing effect. Your skin will be deeply hydrate, moisturize, and has that perfect glowing touch.

03- Antioxidant protection 

Being rich with vitamin E contents the oil may also work as an antioxidant, meaning your skin will have the ability to fight oxidative stress that may be caused by outside exposure such as dirt, toxic or other impurities.

04- Sooth and whiten the skin 

clear skin

There are no related studies that prove that using jojoba oil for skin whitening can help, but the results of people who really used it say the exact opposite. Costumers reviews have proven that it is perfectly good to smooth and white the skin and also soothes sunburns thanks to vitamin E and antioxidants.

05- Skin cleanser

skin cleansing

This wax ester cream is rich with vitamin, fatty acids, zinc, and other nutrients, if used properly with other beauty products, jojoba oil face mask you clean your skin from dirt and improve acne 

06- Control sebum production

The produced sebum of humans is the same as jojoba’s oil sebum production, and because of that when applying it on your skin it will help to soothe and moisturize your skin. This will send a message to your hair and sweat follicles indicate that any additional hydration and sebum is unnecessary for your skin.

07- Protect from UV

tanned skin

If vitamin E is combined with antioxidants, you will make barriers for your skin and a solid defense line against sun damages, also the same nutrients will help to soothe sunburns. Fortunately, jojoba oil has them both.

It also contains fatty acids that help to protect your skin from UV and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

08- Treat acne

Jojoba wax ester cream is also an anti-inflammatory and has healing properties, meaning that using jojoba oil for face and skin may help to avoid breakouts and heal acne.

09- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles 

Jojoba oil contains oxidative stress that according to consumers review it has the ability to heal and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, it also contains antioxidants that also may improve skin elasticity.

10- Anti-aging 

Continued use of jojoba oil for face is the ideal way to treat fine lines and reduce wrinkles and that will slow down the appearance of aging. The results of using it have also proved that with time the oil will increase the skin’s suppleness and reduce superficial facial lines. 

11- Reduce scars 

Having scars on your skin and body my ruin its appearance, but jojoba oil has a different say about that. Because it’s rich with vitamin E content which makes it perfect to heal your wounds and reduce scars appearance on your skin.

How to use it? 

The uses of jojoba oil for skin are quite simple because it is way more different than other essential oils, the oil could apply directly on skin according to your beauty desires. So here’re 5 amazing ways to it for skin and face care:

use on Oily skin

If you have oily skin just apply 1-2 of jojoba oil on your skin and gently massage it until the oil is completely absorbed, you could apply it multiple times a day. It’s recommended twice a day for greater results.

Use it as a facial skin oil

On your skin add 2-3 drops of the oil and massage it gently, make sure to do that first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed.

Use it as a makeup remover

Take a cotton ball and drop a few drops from jojoba oil and gently sweep away lip makeup and any other makeup. Do this at the end of the day before taking a bath.

Reduce puffiness and treat acne

No one wants to have puffy eyes and acne, but the good news is that jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory qualities which will help to improve and treat acne and reduce puffiness and under-eye circles.

Take a cotton ball and add a few drops on it and apply it directly to the area to reduce acne or you can also apply it under eyes to get rid of puffiness.

Use it for sunburns

You can use jojoba oil whenever and wherever you want just add some drops on a skin area that is affected by sunburns and gently massage it to cover it all. using this will lighten your skin and reduce redness

How to take a patch test?

It always a smart move to take a patch test whenever you try a new product on your skin, just follow this process:

  • Apply 2-4 drops on your arm 
  • Take a bandage and cover the area at least for 1 day
  • Take off the bandage and see if your skin exercised any rashes, itchiness or redness

Are there any side effects?

Generally speaking, jojoba oil is perfectly safe for a direct application.

However, it’s recommended to take a patch test, so if you experience any skin itchiness or rashes redness it prefers to stop applying it and move on to other essential oil that may help your beauty desires.



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