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Livon Hair Serum Review: Usage, Benefits, and Price

Hi, Welcome to Livon hair serum review! Livon hair serum is one of the best serum in the market as it gives no- greasy solution, lightweight. Along with that, it even makes your hair tangled free, soft and shining.

Livon silky potion was launched in India in the early 2000s. This product is used after bathing and applies to the hair. The best part about this product is that it suits every sort of hair and there are no side effects. From many people, these complaints come from the side of people that usually they have to face this issue of tangled hair.

Livon has come with them of detangling and making shiny and smooth hair.

How to use it?

Livon hair serum User instruction

Livon is not a cream or oil which many people confuses it for. It is a serum that works towards bettering hair by providing proper care to the hair. The work of it is to coat your hair with smoothness and shine. for proper usage, you need to dry your wet hair first, take the required quantity of the product on palm apply it from root to tip make sure it is applied all your hair. This procedure will detangle your hair, avoid breakage and add shine.

Price and packaging

You can buy at the price of Rs.230/- for a 100 ml bottle, To buy click here

This product can be found in some sizes where a 20 ml bottle can be bought at just Rs, 50. The amount which it is asking is very low as the quality which it is offering. The other aspect of this product is its size, which is easy to carry.

Benefits of using Livon serum

Livon Serum review
  • Lightweight
  • It brings shine to your
  • Available priced
  • Controls frizz
  • Can carries anywhere (small size)
  • Reduces tangle from your hair
  • Works as a heat protectant
  • Impressive packaging
  • Easily available

You can use this serum on a regular basis. Wash your hair you can apply this and give yourself a treat with this hair serum. Livon has taken care of those things pretty well by keeping issues on the table. The use of vitamin E makes it healthy and glowing and keeps proper care of your hair. It is true, a nice serum may change the whole story of your hair and those who have found it experienced that as well.

Now many of you might be thinking about why it is necessary to use the serum. Usually, this happens along with everyone that they do not get time to take care of their hairs. People hardly get time to take care of their hair, do some home remedies. This is why this serum has been introduced which will give your hair that care.

Those who travel a lot, they have to deal with tangled hair. This serum will reduce the chances of every issue which it is creating. The other profit which this Livon gives is about preventing hair from dryness.


  • Contains silicon.
  • Not long-lasting.
  • Less quantity.
  • it is quite pricy.
  • Do not help in hair fall.

My experience with Livon Hair Serum Review

Well, it is a dream of every girl to have detangle hair, hair full of shine and smoothness. And this product is just giving what you are looking for. Vitamin E and unique cut soft formula make it worth buying and using. After one uses this product one may guess for protective sheath, shiny and soft hair and beautiful.

It is an experience in itself and those who have ever used it have earned the experience which is worth every drop of it.

This is all about Livon Hair Serum Review I hope you like my work.


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