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Nivea Frangipani and Oil Shower Gel review

I generally like shower gels, and I love trying out new ones. We all want to try new things, right? And bath goods usually last a long time. By the time I’m done using them, I’m generally tired of them because I’ve been using them for so long, so I always switch to new ones. When I heard that Nivea had made Nivea Frangipani shower gel, I couldn’t wait to try it. So here I am come up with Nivea Frangipani and Oil Shower Gel review.

About the Nivea Frangipani shower gel:

Get out of your normal life! This refreshing Nivea Frangipani shower gel with the tropical scent of Hawaiian Frangipani flower and moisturizing sunflower oil pearls will make you feel like you’re in a different world when you use it. Combines the tropical scent of the Hawaiian Frangipani flower with pearls made with sunflower oil to make them soothing. This recipe pampers your skin and makes your shower experience refreshing and enchanting. You made it with NIVEA’s innovative Hydra IQ Technology to give your face intense, long-lasting moisture all day, even after you get out of the shower, for smooth, beautiful skin that doesn’t feel like it has a film on it.

How to use Nivea Frangipani & Oil shower gel

Nivea Frangipani & Oil shower gel Usage
  1. Soak a loofah in water, or use your hands instead.
  2. Add a shower spray amount about the size of a coin.
  3. Work a loofah or your hands into a thick foam.
  4. Rub your face with your hands or a loofah gently.
  5. Use water to wash it off.

Pros of Nivea Frangipani shower gel

  • The packaging itself looks nice and cool.
  • Smells fresh and seductive.
  • It cleans the body and makes it feel new.
  • When used with a loofah, it foams up well.
  • Does not dry skin.
  • Available in many versions.
  • Both online and offline, it’s easy to find.
  • Priced well and made to last.

Cons of Nivea Frangipani shower gel:

  • It doesn’t get rid of dead skin as you’d expect.
  • No long-term fragrance.
  • Contains SLS.

Packaging of Nivea Frangipani shower gel:

The bottle of Nivea Frangipani shower gel is clear and oval-shaped. This Nivea Frangipani body wash comes in a beautiful clear bottle with a flip-top lid. The shower gel inside the bottle is a light blue colour, which makes the bottle look blue. The gel is light blue and has a medium, thick consistency. It is full of tiny yellow beads and has a medium texture.

Price of Nivea Frangipani shower gel:

When it comes to the price range, it varies on how many grams you buy and where you buy it. But the price of a regular pack is.

Rs 199 for 250 ml

Nivea Frangipani and Oil Shower Gel ingredients

What I Thought of Nivea Frangipani and Oil Shower Gel:

nivea frangipani & oil shower gel body wash

Nivea is a good name I’ve always liked and trusted more than others. So, when I saw these fun shower gel at a nearby store, I immediately bought one for myself. This Nivea shower gel comes in a cute blue bottle with a white and blue cap. It smells like frangipani and oil. In terms of its design, this bottle doesn’t leak or spill, so it’s easy to take with you. It also comes in a clear blue bottle so you can see how much product is left.

I liked this product because it smelled like a frangipani flower. I loved how it smelled, and the scent stayed with me for a while after I took a bath. This product cleans the body well, and your skin won’t feel dry after a bath or shower. With this great Nivea product that won’t break the bank, you will surely enjoy your bath. This is a great choice, especially for the summer. It also comes in lemon and oil, water lily and oil, fresh power fruit shower soap, and other scents.

This is all about Nivea Frangipani and Oil Shower Gel review. Keep reading.

What are its ingredients:

  • Aqua
  • Acrylates Copolymer
  • PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate
  • Perfume
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Methylparaben
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Where to buy Nivea Frangipani & Oil shower gel:

You can buy it from amazon, nykaa, Flipkart .

This is all about Nivea Frangipani and Oil Shower Gel review keep reading.


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