Olive Oil for Skin: Introduction, Benefits and Usage

Olive Oil has many health, skin and hair benefits. Many researchers inform that regular usage of olive oil applying on your skin can prevent sun damage and photo-aging signs. Using Olive oil on your skin is a true thing. Olive oil contains the Squalene ingredient that used for extreme hydrating and antioxidants which can easily fight for free radical damage.

What is Olive Oil:

olive oil for skin

we all have heard about olives which are used in salads and pickles. olive oil is made from grinding these olives finely and extracting fats or golden oil from this procedure.

Different Types of Olive Oil Available?

types of olive oil

The International Olive Council defines the different grades and associated standards of Olive Oil.

There are five different types of Olive Oil available which are lampante Oil, Olive Pomace Oil, Refined Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Lampante Oil – It is produced by poor processing practices or from bad fruit, Oil with major defects. After the refining process, this oil is safe human consumption.

Olive – Pomace Oil – This Type of Olive oil is extracted from extra virgin oil and graded as the lowest one. hexane solvent used to extract oil from the pulp, seeds, and Olive skins. After the refining process, the oil may look like light or pure olive oil. It is extremely low antioxidants and bland.

Refined Olive Oil – Olive pump after the first press by using various agents like heat, alkalis, and heat. The oil is more acidic and fattier which lacks natural antioxidants, aroma, and taste. To get the best blend, producers need to mix with Virgin or Extra Virgin oil to get the aroma, color, and flavor.

Virgin Olive Oil – Extra virgin oil has mild taste and intensity of flavor. This oil is pure and light in nature and lacks quality, aroma, and taste.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – This is only and the best type of Olive Oil. Extra Virgin Oil is very precise in chemical composition, taste, and production methods. To the Extra Virgin certified label, it should be defect-free (must have the perfect aroma and taste), free from acidity level or fatty acid, the oil should be extracted without excessive heat, mechanical, and non-chemical. Extra Virgin is the best tasting and highest grade Olive Oil.

Is Olive Oil is Good For Your Skin

From the ancient times this miracle oil used in skincare due to its benefits. Many scientific research concluded that this oil could be used for topical usage. As per the article https://drjoanna.com.au/blog/extra-virgin-olive-oil-and-your-skin-blog-977/ this oil could prevent the skin cancer.

Which Olive Is Beneficial for Your Skin and Hair?

olive oil

The best type of oil for skin is extra virgin oil which is cold-pressed, non-GMO, and certified organic. The olive oil’s quality which contains zero additives or preservatives and has the highest concentration with oil’s beneficial compounds (the oil should be extracted without using chemical refining or heat).

There are three types of Olive oil: pure olive oil, extra virgin oil, and virgin olive oil. We strongly recommend that only extra virgin oil is very safe for skin usage. Virgin oil is an alternate olive oil with lower quality and commonly used for cooking purposes. Pure oil is not safe for skin usage and contains highly acidic.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin:

olive oil for skin

1. Olive Oil Reduces Inflammation

Olive oil treats internal and external body inflammations. You can get the fabulous benefits for your skin from the usage of olive oil.

2. Olive oil as Eczema Remedy

An intense moisturizer is the most and best widespread usage of extra virgin olive oil. For extra dry skin, olive oil works as an allover treatment with great results.

3. Olive Oil As a Lip Scrub

We are in the world of posting our selfies through Facebook or Instagram to show off our pout. To get the pretty picture, you need to take care of your lips as well. Olive oil will make your lips pretty and supple.

Requirements: Crushed brown sugar, Olive Oil few drops, a lemon juice dash.

Steps to follow:

Mix all the ingredients and scrub your lips for just 5 minutes of time. Olive Oil will help to chapped and smoothen your lips. Lemon and Sugar will react as exfoliating agents.

4. Olive oil has Skin Cleansing Benefits

clear skin

Ancient people use pure olive oil for purifying their skin which is a natural cleanser.

This principle attracts many users to make use of pure olive oil. It is good to use and which in-turn removes all the bad oil within the deeper skin pores. It helps to clean the skin pores, germs, grime, dirt, and dead cells.

5. Olive Oil Helps Remove Makeup

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a cheap alternative in market brands which helps to remove your makeup with easy steps.

Requirements: 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil, a ¼ cup of Honey, and 1/3 cup of Yogurt.

Steps to follow:

Please make a few numbers of cotton balls and dip the same in olive oil. Rub your face gently to remove the make-up. Use the moistened cotton pad to remove the makeup from your eyes. It will soften the skin near your eyes.

6. Olive oil has skin moisturizing benefits

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Olive Oil has contents essentials of fatty acids that act as a natural moisturizer. It maintains the elasticity of the skin and tends to keep glowing, supple, and smooth.

Requirements: 1 tablespoon of Virgin Olive Oil ( it should be extra virgin oil)

Steps to follow:

After the shower, leave your skin for a few minutes and gently massage your face using the extra virgin olive oil. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash your face with warm water.

7. Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Olive Oil is not like other expensive beauty products to repair the skin dead cells. It contains polyphenols, flavonoids, and Vitamin E which will easily enhance the skin dead cells and make them glowing and healthy within a few weeks of time.

8. Heals Cracked Heels

You need to try olive oil for your cracked heels. Your heels can be exfoliated using the hot lemon water and rub with olive oil generously to get smoothness and add moisture. For quick relief, you can even wear socks.

9. Anti-aging :

Olive oil contains the Squalene ingredient that used for extreme hydrating and antioxidants which can easily fight for free radical damage.

10. Improves Skin Health

Requirements: 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil, a ¼ cup of Honey, and 1/3 cup of Yogurt.

Steps to follow:

Make like a thick solution, mix all the ingredients slow and steadily. Apply the mixture on your face for 20 minutes and wash your face with warm water.

11. It moisturizes the skin and fights bacteria

Use the medicated soap which contains olive oil if you have acne-prone skin. it helps to remove the acne by eradicating the bacteria which are the root cause for acne.

13. Olive oil has Skin Anti-Aging Benefits:

As you age, the skin will start to develop wrinkles or sag. You can easily delay the aging signs by using Olive oil.

Requirement: 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil, 1 tablespoon of Lemon juice, and a pinch of salt.

Steps to follow:

Take a few olive oil drops and massage your face gently. Make an exfoliant using the sea salt and remaining oil.

14. Olive oil for Skin whitening and Glowing Benefits:

What You Require:

We would like to inform you that you can use olive oil for skincare and fairness.

Required ingredients are Vinegar, Castor Oil, Turmeric, Honey, and Lemon juice.

Steps to Follow:

Please follow the below steps using olive oil for skin fairness and whitening. You need hot water, a facecloth and a tablespoon of olive oil (extra virgin).

Take a tablespoon of olive oil and massage your facial area using your fingers in circular motions. The firmly rub over your forehead, cheeks, and your nose. Now, dip the face cloth in hot water. you can press and hold the cloth gently on your face.

Again rinse the cloth within hot water for a few seconds. Remove the olive oil’s top layer. Use a paper towel to dry your face.

How Many Times You Should do it?

Repeat this process by every morning time and night time without fail. For sure, you will get the best results within a few days or a week.

How This Going To Help You: There are multiple ways to use olive oil for skin complexion. There is Oil blend rejuvenating massage, Fairer & glowing skin tone, Hydration booster pack, fairer skin tone, and Oil massage. You can use olive oil for skin lightening with the help of lactic acid content.

Precaution To follow?

The water hotness should be within the tolerable limit.


We are happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to understand more about Olive Oil and its importance for your skin.


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