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Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand And Body Cream Review

Oriflame is popular beauty brand for its amazing beauty products. The brand ensure safe formulation of natural and chemical product. So today coming up with Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand And Body Cream Review. Which is my one of the favorite body cream.

How to use of Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand And Body Cream

After the external evaluation, I opened up the gold published lid, just ahead across a gold aluminum foil. The aluminum foil serves as a protective guard and prevents the internal cream from spilling out or can be found touching the cover. On tearing the aluminum foil from one side, you see the cream-colored cream inside.

What Are Active Ingredients

Oriflame milk & honey cream

Secret energetic ingredients are Milk & Honey. All different other active components are:

Aqua, glycerin, caprylic/capric triglyceride, butylene glycol, cetyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate SE, stearyl alcohol, dimethicone, paraffinum liquidum, Cetearyl ethyl hexanoate, carbomer, methylparaben, imidazolidinyl urea, ceteareth-20, propylparaben, parfum, stearic acid, disodium EDTA, sodium hydroxide, isopropyl myristate, linalool, hexyl cinnamal, citronellol, arachidic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid, hydroxycitronellal, Mel, sine adipose lac, phenoxyethanol, ci 47005, ci 14700.

Price & Packaging:

It will cost 583 Indian rupees with the quantity of 250 ml & It comes in round shaped plastic jar. The cream has mild fragrance.

How to buy:

You can consult Oriflame brand partner or visit my personalized oriflame store at: https://in.oriflame.com/?store=6598459019

My experience with Oriflame Milk & Honey Nourishing Hand & Body Cream

My specific experience with Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand and Body Cream started purely due to its aroma. It has a kind of jasmine/honey scent that is neither moderate nor strong. The odor is incredibly renewing and lingers for an hr or two after using the cream. After that, you can smell a fantastic fragrance, yet only when you smell the components where you utilized the cream.

Concerning the structure of the cream, I would undoubtedly say it is a little slim for a cream (absolutely not dripping). It feels much more like a thick, smooth cream-type cream to me. The cream is furthermore non-greasy, light-weight, and quickly taken in by the skin, which is truly remarkable. What is also excellent is that the skin feels soft, versatile, and moisturized after application. Considering that the packing provides an excellent quantity, you can feel confident that the cream will last for at least two months.

I am presently using this cream on my hands and likewise legs. I typically utilize it after a bath, and my skin feels moisturized and nourished message application. It does not leave a sticky or oily experience after use. This cream will prove exceptionally valuable for regular use in the summer and during stormy periods when the weather is warm, damp, or warm. Also, this cream will function well during stable, stylish weather conditions. But if you are remaining in a location that experiences frigid/chilly winter months afterward, it is better to go with an extreme or deep moisturizing body cream or cream.

All said and additionally done, I would still rank this item high, particularly when you are utilizing it in comfy weather conditions. Its fragrance implies it conveniently blends, soaks up in the skin, and brings about a moisturized skin suffices.


  1. Is Oriflame milk and honey cream great for totally dry skin?

It moisturizes the skin incredibly well. Soaks up easily as well as additionally fastly. Light on skin. Has all-natural removes like milk as well as likewise honey. It is lightweight along with non-sticky on my skin, in addition, will certainly match all skin types.

  1. Can we apply Oriflame milk and honey cream on the body?

Oriflame Milk as well as Honey is an abundant moisturizing cream. It softens your skin along with works as a conditioner. It can be made use of on your hands, body skin.

  1. What do Oriflame milk and honey cream do?

Oriflame milk and honey is a superb product infused with normally sourced significances of milk as well as honey and also an all-natural beginning moisturizer. Enthusiasts away dry skin to leave skin soft, flexible as well as incredibly aromatic.


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