Revlon Color stay satin ink Liquid lipstick Review- Magistick Rose 037
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Revlon Color stay satin ink Liquid lipstick Review- Magistick Rose 037

The formula is presumed to be “satisfied and brilliant” and have a “12-hour” last that “doesn’t dry out the lips” and is “favorably pigmented.” almost all shades had semi-opaque to opaque coverage but varieties vibrant some of the vampier tints looked after to be sheerer, while the additional mid-tone colors tended to be dark and even in filling.

Talking about the texture it is weightless, creamy, and buttery, but it has more fluid than any semi-solid lipstick, the applicator appeared to be pointed and smooth in touch-up.

Revlon Color stay satin ink Liquid lipstick Review- Magistick Rose 037

Shelf Life:- 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Lasting hours:- It is super stable. The evenness and consistency of the product cannot change even if you don’t apply it for at least 10 hours and the pigmentation is high so you don’t need repeated touch-ups of this product.

Dimension (MM):- 1.7X1.7X1.0 I’m

Brand Name:- Revlon

Net Item weight:- 5ml

Country of Origin:- USA

How to Use?

Revlon Color stay satin ink Liquid lipstick Review- Magistick Rose 037 swatch

The product is very convenient to use as Revlon magistick rose 037 is a liquid product that dries up quickly.

It has a pointed applicator tip that helps reshaped the lips defining it with the color tip.

After drawing the actual shape you need to fill the soft color of the Revlon magistick rose all over the lips.

Just one or two layers to swipe on lips and you are ready to glow for at least 16 hours.

It hardly takes a minute to set and is long lasting up to 24 hours.


It moisturizes the skin for up to 24 hours so no need to have repeated application of the product.

It is comfortable and light to wear.

Its microfiber pigments deliver high-impact color and full coverage to the lips.

The product is enriched with the superiority of hydrating components that maintain glossy and smooth lips for a longer duration.

The product comes in a classy packaging container which makes it more attractive to customers.

Revlon magistick rose is not cakey preparation.

Enriched with vitamins A and E.

Provide smooth texture to the lips.

Safe to use.

It is a long-lasting product that you can wear in your office or at long-hour parties comfortably.

Provides creamy and smooth texture.

• Pigmentation is strong you just need two or three layers and you are free for 10 hours.

• The product gives a smooth satin finish to the final look.

Revlon Magistick Rose 037 is a value-for-product.


The shade spectrum could be limited. there are not many colors especially nude shades that came under this category for deeper skin tones.


Revlon magistick rose came in beautiful opaque tube packaging. It’s a liquid preparation so it comes with a pointed applicator smooth tip to avoid uneven defining. The product is recommended to be used best before its expiry date and due to its watery consistency along with this packaging, I recommend this for transportation also. It is a super handy product. Overall, the packaging of this Revlon lipstick looks amazing.

Price : Rs. 699/- for 5ml

My Experience

The formulation of this is good enough to help my lips just as much as a lip balm does, so I suggest this product to anyone needing a moisturizing lip color. It applies with the thickness of a gloss, but has much more lasting power. There was minimal transfer during the test I did and upon removal after the four hours I wore it, I discovered it leaves a stain behind. So if you don’t have the lipstick on hand for touchups, you will still have a lacquer later in the day. It seems matte upon first look, but with wear, tiny gold glitter made themselves known. So it’s a glitter activation formula, which means the longer you wear it, the more glitter you will see. I also feel like it’s subtlety enough for daily wear, you don’t have to just save it for any special occasion or night parties. I also think the color selection is great for all skin tones. Lastly, The brand Revlon is a super inexpensive alternative that is easy to find, since every drug and cosmetic store carries Revlon.

Where to buy the product Revlon colorstay satin ink magistick rose 037

You can buy it from any of the websites on the internet like Amazon, Flipkart, and Nayka but you should order it from the official site of Revlon for authentication of the product. This is all about Revlon color stay satin ink Liquid lipstick Review – Magistick Rose 037 keep reading.


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