Simple and Effective Tips to grow hair faster

We always looking for easy tips to grow hair naturally faster but one should know that there are numerous hair follicles that we can’t retain them throughout our lifetime. Our body has 5 million follicles and within that 1 lakh follicles were available on our head. During the growth, most of the follicles will stop generating the hair and leads to hair thinning or baldness. On average, our hair will be grown about a ½ inch per month, informed by AAD (American Academy of Dermatology). As a total of six inches per year with regards to hair growth on your head.

The growth of your hair depends upon the following reasons:

  • Overall health
  • Specific Hair type
  • Age
  • Other health issues

We can learn a little bit of information from the science discovery on how to control hair growth by your body’s cellular level. However, we do not have enough knowledge on how to grow the hair fastly.

Different Hair Growth Stages:

There are three stages for hair growth and each of them is unique and has its timeline. They are as follows:

Telogen – Duration: 2 to 3 months, resting time for hair falls out.

Catagen – Duration: 4 to 6 weeks, transition time and hair stop its growth.

Anagen – Duration: 2 to 8 years, this is the hair active growth phase.

During the anagen phase, the scalp of your hair follicles will have an average percentage of 90% and up to a maximum of 95%. The Telogen phase is about by 5% to 10% and responsible for 100 to 150 hair falls out throughout the day.

You can easily extend the Anagen phase by growing long hair and the cells that are located within your follicle base to multiply and retain as hair cells. Most of the structures shed their matrix cells to reach their upper follicle for hair growth. The keratins combined with the shed structure will form the hair strands that can easily exit on your skin’s surface. Even the researchers or scientists are keenly monitoring on how to trigger our bodies for activating the anagen phase.

However, within the anagen phase, you can follow the below-provided instructions to promote your healthy hair.

Best Tips to Grow Hair Naturally

Please follow the below-provided instructions to grow your healthy hair:

1. Vitamins C & A intake

Your hair can be protected from breakage and also stays moisturized with the help of Vitamin C. Your hair damage caused because of the free radicals can also be protected by its anti-oxidant property. Both Vitamins C & A are mainly responsible for repairing and protecting the hair tissues and as well as body tissues.

Vitamin A is rich in foods like Dairy, eggs, liver, and dark leafy greens. Vitamin C can be easily utilized from vegetables and fresh fruits like tomatoes, Kiwi, berries and many more. You need to follow the process for five days a week.

2. Take Care Your Scalp and Skin

taking care of scalp

At the initial stage, you can see your hair more shiny by using various products. However, the impact which works for your hair will reflect the same on your skin as well. Have you ever felt that your skin is greasy, sticky, waxy, heavy, stripped, or dry or even supple, silky, hydrated, and soft? The most important vital part that you follow to treat your hair can be the same for your skin. Your hair follicles will not grow efficiently if it is congested and clogged.

3. Consume Omega-3 Fatty Acids

omega 3 capsules

You know that all the Omega-3 fatty acids will contain anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to prevent the hair follicles’ inflammation. It is also the common cause of your hair loss. The Omega-3 fatty acids will assist your scalp to keep healthy and as well as protects your body cells. You can achieve the key benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids by in-taking fatty fishes like anchovies, herring, or salmon twice a week. In case if you are not willing to in-take fish food directly, then you can also make use of the fish oil capsules to obtain the benefits.

4. Grow Hair faster by keeping patience:

The most important and key solution to get your hair to grow faster by being patience and consistency. You will yield the best results by following the right things as long as you determine to have long hair. You should not be frustrated within a week and cut shorten your hair. By default, your hair will grow ½ inch per month.

5. Use Vinegar and Rinse Your Hair


You can use Vinegar and water to achieve the best results. Use Vinegar and rinse your hair to boost its growth much higher and make it appear beautiful, healthy, and shinny. You can prepare the natural conditioner by adding Vinegar with two tablespoons with a one-liter quantity of water. The regular usage by rinsing your hair will assist to create Rapunzel-like lengthy tresses.

6. Massage Your Scalp With Hot Oil:

head massage

You can use any oil of your preferred choice to get the best results. You can gently massage your hair by using lukewarm oils like Argan, Olive, Coconut, Jojoba, etc. It is used to soothes, revitalizes, and nourishes the scalp and as well as improve the blood circulation. The hair follicles can be fortified and create radiant, lengthy, and strong locks.

7. Disinfect Your Hair

Make use of antimicrobial products. Your scalp can be affected by microbial inflection which can damage your hair strands and hair follicles weakened to create lifeless and unhealthy hair. It also causes some major scalp diseases like eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, etc which stops your hair growth. You can promote your healthy hair growth by cleaning the hair from different infections by using proper medication, clinical treatments, and antimicrobial products.

8. Avoid Towel Wrap

Never wrap your hair by using the towel. Most of the people follow the logical process by wrapping their hair with the help of a towel after bath or wash. However, wet hair may prone and very fragile to break. You can easily prevent hair damage by patting your hair with the towel until it gets dried.

9. Drink Water

water bottle

It is always advisable to drink at least 4 liters of water on a daily basis for health measures. Your entire body will be cleaned and maintain healthy effects by regular intake of water, which helps to function the body properly and flushes out the bad toxins. Since it is most essential to keep your body always hydrated which in turn helps to maintain your hair in a hydrated state as well..

10. Condition Your Hair Regularly

The mild moisturizing type of conditioner is required to apply on your hair regularly after using the shampoo on every wash. Your hair will showcase your body’s health and this is one of the reasons for women to spend extra time to maintain their hair smooth and shiny. Most of the women will never show their importance to the good conditioner and instead of using the shampoo for a regular wash.

The conditioner will help to grow the longer hair by sealing the cuticle and replaces both proteins and lipids within the hair shaft. The reconstructing and deep condition treatments help to eliminate the dullness and frizziness by repairing the damaged hair and hydrate the hair strands. You can create healthy hair by using these conditioning treatments while adding shine, volume, manageability, and length to it.

11. Wear Scarf For Your Hair Protection

scarf for hair protection

Make use of a hat or a durable scarf for your hair protection. You can easily avoid the dusty or harsh weather conditions by entirely covering your hair after leaving the home. This is the simplest hair care technique which was failed by many people to follow. You can strip your hair from moisture by heading out of the heat and dust. You ensure that you are always covering your hair with the help of a hat or a durable scarf for better protection.

12. Use Natural Hair Packs

hair packs

At least once in a week, you can utilize the best natural hair pack which can be comfortable for your hair. Most of the reviewers would suggest using the natural hair packs which can offer various benefits to the users. You can find a wide range of products available throughout the market and use the best-suited product for your hair. Those packs are manufactured by using the natural ingredients which will not harm your hair and its growth.

You can use Olive oil, Avocado, Lemon, or Honey which has various beneficial options to enable full potential hair growth, silky smooth hair, and moisturizes your hair. It is also recommended to use natural hair packs and remedies which consist of herbal and natural ingredients such as Coconut milk, Onion juice, Heena, Shikakai (referred to as Acacia Concinna), Gooseberries, etc. This will help to maintain your overall healthy hair with boosting and nourishing its growth.

13. Use Vitamin Supplementation

It is also advisable to use artificial supplements like Biotin for your hair growth process. Before using the artificial supplements, you need to consult with a specialist to choose the best one which can suit for your hair growth. It is most important to obtain adequate natural nutrition. 

There are various reviews proved that artificial supplement will benefit and help to boost your hair growth instantly. Women can use artificial supplements like multivitamins and biotin tablets to achieve strong and long hair. Even if you are lacking with the right minerals and vitamins, these tablets will fulfill the requirement and gives your hair growth with a better chance.

14. Change the Your Pillow covers

Use the Silk pillow covers instead of using the old cotton model pillow covers. You need to understand that every change will yield a little advantage and increase your hair growth. It is always advisable to change your regular type cotton pillow covers and use the silk pillow covers for better results. You will feel with fewer tangles by using the Silk pillows, which is much smoother and causes less friction.

15. Stress Level Should Be Lower

The stress level can be lowered by using the comfortable bed and pillows. Many people never take any extra care for their hair growth and have not treated it delicately. You will lose your hard-earned hair by your increased stress levels. The main cause for your hair fall is having the high stress, which means that within the anagen stage your hair strands will not achieve its full potential due to this reason. 

Stress can be caused either by psychological or physiological factors will directly impact your hair growth and health. This leads to loss of your hair’s volume and density and appears it malnourished and look dull. You can easily avoid your stress by following stress-relieving exercises, mediation, and practicing yoga on a regular basis. It is recommended to have at least 8 hours of sleep and also perform other mind relaxing activities like listening to music, watching your favorite shows, or reading the best comics.

16. Don’t Brush regularly

It is advisable not to brush your hair more than 10 minutes on a daily basis. Most of the women are incessantly brushing their hair to keep it healthy and long hair. Some of them are very much scared about the hair brushing which may lead to hair loss and avoid their hair combing only if it required. Within these extremes, there are more truth hides.

The hair brushing will helps to release the natural oil and spread them down to their hair strands and also stimulates the scalp as well. You need to ensure the hair loss or breakage by brushing your hair very gently. If not it may also cause the traction alopecia to affect.

You can resist washing your hair with the help of a mild shampoo on a daily basis. Most of the women think that it is very essential and vital to clean their hair with shampoo on regular use to maintain their hair growth and with beautiful shinning. Regular hair clean will help to attain hair growth and hygiene, if it is not properly done then it may also lead to some other harmful effects. It also causes your hair to lose their most essential natural oils and also dry out its usage.

17. Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Often

To achieve the long hair, it is essential that the natural oil moves from the scalp towards the hair strands length and assist them to keep it moisturizer. It is always advisable to plan your schedule especially for hair washing between 4 to 5 times within a week of time. While shampooing, you can easily massage your scalp properly and gently which helps to promote your hair growth and also improve the blood circulation within the scalp.

You can utilize the chemical-free shampoos which are manufactured by using the hair-lengthening natural ingredients. This will help you to have an effective hair cleaning and also maintain the tresses long and healthy. Shampooing on a daily basis will impact your hair growth by removing the essential natural oils and as well as dehydrate your hair.

Hair roots are the weakest part on the head and need to be combed gently when they are wet and do not brush hard to avoid the hair breakage. I strongly say that washing your hair on a daily basis is not a fault unless if you are using gels, serums regularly or excessive sweating, etc. You can easily avoid it if you are not using any cosmetic hair products or excessive sweat every day.

18. Trim Your Hair Regularly:

It is must visit the good stylist salon to trim your hair and remove the split ends every once in three months. It is most important to maintain a balanced hair growth which seems a counter-intuitive for someone to look better to grow their hair. The hair health and growth will be inhibited by filled split ends and damaged hair which can cause breakage, and thinning. 

Hence, it is recommended to trim your hair regularly to overcome unhealthy split ends which helps to obtain enhanced hair length. The split ends are very nuisance especially for the people who had damaged or dry hair. You can easily reduce the split ends number by regularly hair trimming which gives you a chance to grow long and healthy hair. However, avoid your regular cutting or trimming on a monthly basis, cut shorten your hair, or overdo the hair trimming.

19. Massage Your Scalp

Make use of your fingertips and dip it within the oil (use the coconut oil which was low heated) to start massaging your scalp in a circular motion. You can feel great during the scalp massage and as well as it helps to stimulate your blood circulation. It can mobilize the natural oils within the scalp and helps to maintain moisture hair and strengthen the roots.

You can use the stimulant similar to heated coconut oil for scalp massaging will enhance your hair very strong and grow longer. Coconut oil is a natural and good hair conditioner which is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins.

20. Balanced and Healthy Diet

It is mandatory to have a healthy and balanced diet food for hair growth. The excellent sources which contain nutrition are chicken, lean fish, seeds, beans, and leafy vegetables. The nourishment which you in-take will maintain healthy hair similar to your body as well. A good conditioner and shampoo are not an essential part of your hair care. 

Protein is the most required ingredient for keeping your hair more shinning. It is essential to take a well-balanced and healthy diet that is rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins. The balanced diet will help your hair to get its required sustenance to grow strong and long and to keep it silky smooth and shiny. Most of the people never care about the healthy or balanced diet and give their preferences only on purchasing multiple hair care products.

The true fact is that the balanced and healthy diet which contains all-natural essential oils and entire nutrients will help to promote their hair growth. Basically, hair is constructed with full of proteins and hence, it is required to consume proteins to have to revitalize and nourish the hair.

Important Things To Avoid

You need to find below the provided important things which you need to avoid for growing your hair stronger and longer.

Tight Rubber bands & Hairstyles

Your hair will get stressed and pulled off from its roots by tying your hair with a tight braid or ponytail hairstyle. It causes more prone to hair breakage which leads to loss of them from its entire roots and also causes permanent damage with weak hair. Similar way, the rubber bands may also cause extensive mane to damage and pull out the hair from its roots which hurts the scalp and also the hair becomes less strong.

Avoid Using Hot Water & Brushing Wet Hair

 Never use hot water for rinsing your hair which makes them brittle and very dry. It is recommended to use the cool water which can cuticles with lie flat and smooth out to provide you manageable and soft hair.

Hair Treatments –

On a regular basis, most of them try with different hairstyles like wavy, perms, or even straightening by using various hair treatments. But never knew that those treatments include multiple harsh chemicals which can give the path for severe hair fall. Your hair will lead to split ends by using regular hair straightening and also starts splitting that need to chop continuously for hair growth. You can avoid those treatments if possible and try using natural tresses

Hair Coloring

Many hair coloring products contain industrial bleaching components which consist of ammonia which can wreak havoc particularly on your hair and makes it damaged and dry. The hair follicles can be damaged and cause hair fall by using excessive hair coloring agents. Instead of using harmful chemicals, you can make use of natural ingredients like Henna. It can be used for hair coloring and as well as gives your hair healthy, conditioning, smooth, and soft hair. It is also advisable to use the cinnamon or coffee powder for hair coloring.

Most of them are looking to have a beautiful and long hair. There are various factors that can help you to faster hair growth by following the provided tips and use them effectively to yield better results. Do not try any artificial products which may harm your hair and as well as your body. Think wisely and use natural ingredients to safeguard your hair. Also, consult with a hair specialist or Doctor to get the best assistance.

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