Strawberry for skin: Benefits & Easy Skin remedies

can we use strawberry for skin? Lets find out.

An introduction to strawberry 

Strawberries or the spring fruit that is known to satisfy people’s irresistible sweet tooth, but is that what strawberries can do? Of course not, even if they are delicious to eat but also to treat, smother, and clean your skin. Thanks to its powerful anti-oxidants, vitamin C, you can benefit from this fruit to provide your skin-nourishing nutrients for health, smooth and happy skin.

Before we jump to the depth of our article, I assume you don’t know that old nation like Egyptians and Romans were known to use strawberry for beauty and health purposes. It’s an amazing historical and beauty fact!! 

As usual, now we ask all the common questions about strawberry benefits, usage, and side effects if there are any. Stay with us 

Is strawberry good for your skin?

Who is not familiar with the wonder of Vitamin C, but for those who don’t know why it is good for health and skin I will explain that briefly. Vitamin C is good for heart issues, improves skin lightening, and makes it shine and play a big role in fighting off free radicals that steal oxygen from skin healthy cells and destroy collagen and boosts up its production to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

That’s why strawberry is good for the skin because it’s full of certain vitamin C content that helps in improving skin and softens it. Furthermore, Strawberry helps to get rid of dead skin cells because it contains alpha- hydroxylic acids. 

Also, you using strawberry for face glow help. Moving forward, the fruit helps in slowing down aging processes to look younger and youthful, tone and improve skin texture, and more like lightening pigmentation, acne marks. 

What are the benefits of strawberry for skin?

Strawberries are very rich with important nutrients that will bring wonderful results for your skin appearance, and most importantly your health. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at strawberries top benefits on your skin and how to use it properly.

Starting with the first one 

  1. helps in brighten your skin:

Scientifically proven that UV rays if the skin gets exposed to it a lot and for long times that will affect the skin negatively and damage it-which the majority of people experts recommend to avoid getting too much exposure to them.

Fortunately, using strawberry for skin whitening helps as a shield from the damages of the UV rays.

Thanks to the powerful antioxidants that strawberries are richly loaded with it, now strawberries work in a form of natural skin defensive agency that will protect your skin from the rays.

They will boost its radiance from inside and brighten it to give it that perfect natural brighten skin. 

2. Can delay aging

Do you know about the common question of never ask a woman about her age? Well, don’t. In the matter of fact, no one likes to look older but all of that could change now if you properly use strawberry for face benefits purpose 

Therefore, Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants that help in protecting your body from oxidative and delay the most common age signs like wrinkles. 

Vitamin C in strawberries is essential in the production of collagen to improve the skin’s elasticity and fights free radicals that damage the skin cells and collagen. 

3. Absorb oily skin 

Oily skin care

People with oily skin tend to suffer the most in finding a natural guaranteed product that fits their skin type and give them the satisfaction they seek. We have some good news for them, strawberry is perfect for these issues and completely natural.

In its nature, strawberry is an acidic fruit that helps in controlling the over-secretion sebaceous glands in the skin which helps to absorb most of the exciting oil in the skin and make it perfectly dry and fresh 

4. Acne treatment 


Apply strawberry for acne skin and leaving it for 10 min then washing it with repeating these processes twice a week helps to minimize acne and make them lesser than before. 

Strawberry is rich with certain Vitamin C content, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), salicylic acid, and flavonoids with gives it the ability to treat acne, and making the skin clearer and vital. 

5. Work as a skin cleanser 

beautyful skin

If you used strawberry before you probably have noticed how many facials cleanser and foams have strawberry extracts, and once again because it contains Vitamin C, salicylic acid, antioxidants, and exfoliants that help you to get rid of dirt, toxic and poisons while shooting and moisturizing.

Not only that, using strawberry for skin lightening also could be very beneficial as a skin cleanser against dirt and impurities 

6. Helps in banishing dark spots and blemishes

clear skin

Strawberry juice has proven to be effective in lightening blemishes and acne scars because it contains Ellagic acid and salicylic acid that help in reducing hyper-pigmentation and also contains skin lightening extracts acne marks, dark or black spots, and other blemishes.

The ways you use the juice is simple and easy, just apply it to the dark spots on your skin using a cotton ball and rinse.

7. Improve complexion 

Mashing strawberries with Olive oil and lime juice. Spread it out over your face and neck then leave more than 20 min (the longer time you live it the better) and wash it after. If you follow this process your skin will have a glowing complexion because strawberry contains alpha hydroxy-acid which min role is to get rid of dead skin cells and improve rejuvenate sun-damaged skin.

8. Minimized dark circles 

Strawberry rejuvenates and brightens up your under-eye area, thereby taking the signs of aging out of your face.

Applying strawberry directly over your eye helps in decreasing the puffiness under your eye while it exfoliating properties heal dark circles. 

9. Hydrate skin 

Using strawberry for oil skin helps to ultra-hydrate and makes it super hydrated, imagine you have the driest, soft, smoothest skin ever, well that what you could have when you use strawberries as you should do.

Now that you know what you can benefit from strawberry, it’s about time to know how to use it properly.

Different uses of strawberry for skin 

  • To keep your teeth healthy and shiny just crush a few strawberries and mix them with a baking soda, then spread it out over your teeth by using toothpaste. Leave it 4 to 5 min and rinse but don’t overuse strawberries because it will damage your teeth.
  • If you have dark spots and blemishes there are two simple methods that will help you to banish them. First, every morning apply to your face a paste of strawberry with the honey and rose water then leave it 15 min. Second, with a cotton ball apply the juice of a strawberry all over your face then leave it 10-15 min after wash it.
  • To use strawberry as a cleanser and toner make a toner by refrigerating a mix of a strawberry juice with rose water, then spritz it’s on the tonic. The liquid mix you made could last more than a week if stored properly.
  • To fight acne mash a few rips of 1 tablespoon of sour cream and curd to make an anti-acne mask. Then apply on your face leave it 10 min then wash it, repeat the process twice a week no more no less.
  • If you like the idea of delaying aging and improve complexion mash strawberries with some olive oil, lime juice and blend till smooth while spreading it make sure it covers all of your face and neck. Lastly, leave it for 20 min and wash off.
  • If you like your peepers look good and heal your puffy eyes, you could use strawberry for that too. Place a thick slice of refrigerated strawberry on your eyes and face then leave for 10 min after you do that remove and rinse. Do it every night while relaxing in your bed 

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