Skin is the largest part of our body and it covers all of our internal body organs with three layers in it. It’s the biggest barrier between the outside world and the body, hence it is an important part and performs a vital role.

Not only does it help protect the body from various elements, it also projects what is going on internally. Apart from that, skin regulates body temperature, synthesizes vitamin D and protects from environmental challenges and harmful bacteria too. The sense of touch is directly controlled by the skin and reflects your health too. For instance yellow or pale skin is the indication that your liver isn’t working properly while pigmentation and dark patched may indicate your disturbed blood sugar levels.

Our skin is made up of three layers, the outermost layer that we can see and feel and which creates skin tone is known as epidermis. The second layer contains sweat glands, hair follicles, blood vessels and connective tissues while the third and innermost layer is the thickest, usually made up of fat.

These layers of skin absorb all kinds of skin products which actually mix with our blood stream, so therefore, we must be very careful while using any skin care items and must always prefer organic skin care products which are natural and organic too.

How to build up a simple and achievable skin care routine at home?

Before we jump on to the results and impact a good skin care routine gives, we must know how we can start and follow a good skin care routine easily with less effort. A general guideline is to cleanse and clean your face before going to bed and in the morning after you exercise. Always use a good face wash which goes with your skin type and have skin friendly ingredients in it.

It helps remove all kinds of make-up and dirt from your face, however, avoid soaps because they could be over drying and can disturb your PH levels too. You can also do cleansing twice to thrice a week for deep cleaning from inner layers of the skin.

Always moisturize your skin before going to bed, as it hydrates and nourishes your skin all night long and don’t forget to use sunscreens in the daytime as they have great benefits, one can never deny.

Always remove make-up from your skin before sleeping, and remember to drink a lot of water and develop healthy eating habits because you are what you’re from inside, a simple rule to be followed always. You can also consult a dermatologist to know about your skin type, the products that may suit you well and how to apply them. If a product suits you, you can even buy bulk skin care bases of it, to make your own DIY products easily and safely at home.

Now let’s talk about what benefits we could reap if we follow a good skin care routine and how it’ll reflect on ourselves.

1-Essential for your skin’s health

While many take skin care as a cosmetic need and do it just to look good and beautiful from outside, it is also equally or even more essential for your skin’s health as it’s the largest organ of your body and we need to care about its inner layers too, like we do efforts for the first, outer layer. It’s essential to clear all the toxins and debris accumulated through cleansing and exfoliation, to avoid acne, white and black heads too. Wearing sunscreen can save you big time from the harmful UV rays from the sun, which causes skin cancers. Your good skin condition can leave your skin shiny and glowing, a dream of everyone.

2-Slow down aging process

As we age, the appearance of our skin also changes and it shows on our skin in the form of dull or wrinkled skin. The loss of elasticity and collagen can cause the skin to loosen and sag. Loss of facial fat is another reason behind it, and skin layers become thinner with time. While you can’t reverse or stop your aging process, you can still delay and slow it down for sure and the key is good skin care from a young age with the right and good organic skin care products applied and used. You can even consider some cosmetic treatments like laser, chemical peels or derma fillers too. however, always consult a certified dermatologist for this purpose.

3-Boosts your confidence

A healthy and glowing skin gives you that right amount of confidence and inner goodness because when you look good, you obviously feel good about it too. By this, you can achieve more at home and at work. Your effort and investment in good skin care products and routine has actually rewarded you with beautiful skin and your hard work pays off, when everyone appreciates and acknowledges your skin and its good health as well. With good skin, you can also avoid make up and will not fear washing your face anywhere you want because you know you have the best skin.

4-Prevention is easier

You may have heard this quote often, prevention is better than cure. This applies in skin care too, as prevention is easier than fixing a problem. Doing things like wearing sunscreen, washing your face daily, using regular moisturizer and investing in some good serums and creams too can prevent many skin issues. Having beautiful skin as you get older means making smart choices throughout your life with consistency and regular care. Your good or bad skin care regimes can have lifelong impacts, and many people pay attention when they see aging signs and face other skin issues, which sometimes is actually too late.

Summing up

Your skin care alone can’t help you achieve the best results and you also need to focus on your health and diet. Your water intake and food choices, reveals what you’re from inside out, following a good skin care routine. Every person should follow it, irrespective of gender and specific age group. It’s essential for everyone and it’ll give you best results in the long run.