Welcome to the ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum review.In recent days hair, fall has become a much more significant problem than in the earlier days, so it’s necessary to find products that would rescue us from such hair problems. Hair growth serums are the ones that the experts prefer for hair growth solutions, but still, it’s necessary to find out the best hair serum of all. The Thrive and Co Hair growth serum can be one solution to this problem.

Brand Information

Thrive co is a company known for its hair and skincare products. These products are made up of cutting-edge award-winning ingredients. Experts established the company to provide hair and skin care solution to ordinary people.

My experience with ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum

I saw this thrive and co serum in an advertisement. Its promising hair growth count of 9490 and fantastic market price amazed me. So I finally purchased it and used it. The product was highly beneficial for my hair growth. Before using this product, I suffered from a lot of hair loss, and I could see my inches falling wherever I shampooed my hair. But after I started using this product on the side from where the hair was falling, I could feel a change. I could feel the hair fall count was reduced, and there was hair growth. It is made with Redensyl, Again, Procapil & Capilia Longa For Hair Fall Control. The product can be used by messaging on the scalp for several minutes before going to bed, which would help to witness a change in the falling hair. From my personal experience, all I could say is this product is very effective and helps fight hair fall problems. Regular usage of this product for one month will show some valid results.

How to use The ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum

Usage directions are given on the packing as shown below.

Is ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum good?

If the product is used correctly according to the mentioned usage amount and applied according to the instruction, it gives many benefits, including.

1.Better results: A person who applies and uses this product will get assured results. I have used this product and have got the best results. It gives proven and good results & reduces the amount of hair fall. This serum makes the hair strong and smooth. It also helps to have better and stronger hair with better density and growth.

2. Safe to all scalp types: It is safe for the usage of all. A person with an oily scalp and a dry scalp can use it. Any person suffering from the problem of hair fall can use this product. It may not fulfill the promised amount, but still, it shows better results than any other hair serums. I suggest it for use on all scalp types as it would be beneficial if you suffer from hair fall problems.

3. Fewer chemicals: The company focuses on producing products free of chemicals. It is made up of products that are good for the skin and focuses on maintaining the product’s originality by using natural products. It is a chemical-free product so that it won’t harm the hair.

Disadvantages of ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum

Though the product is highly beneficial, there are still some disadvantages. Every good product has some limitations. Similarly, the Thrive and co serum has some rules, such:

The disadvantage of the product is its price. It’s way too costly than any other hair serum. The product cost is too high for any person, and it is not that suitable to buy such a product at such a high price. Many such products are available in the market at a better price, and many people may not feel it suitable to afford such products at such a high price.

The sellers may not guarantee loyalty. It is highly possible to receive identical products with the same name. The risk of receiving duplicate products remains. If a person spends such a high amount for a single product and then gets a product that is not original, it will not be beneficial.

Packaging and Price

It comes in 50 ml glass with dropper. The price of this serum is 1999/-.

Where to buy:

You can buy ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum on amazon and their brands website.


The product is overall a good product with many benefits, but still, its price is too high than its quality. I have personally used the product, and it is highly suggested if you are suffering from any such problems of hair fall.

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