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Vedix Hair Product Review

Welcome to the vedix hair product review, Starting with the point. Generally speaking, most people, especially women take their hair care as a serious matter, and they should. Taking care of your hair is not only a way to look petty and attractive. But also it represents you as an individual in your community and that also goes for those who suffer from hair fall or loss. Now you know that you need to take care of your hair and it should be like your immediate short-term goal.

Introduction To Vedix Hair Care Regime

Your next step is to figure what kind of hair product to use and it’s under your budget. Today’s hair care products options are Vedix hair products. For instance, your back is hurting you the first thing you do is to seek the doctor’s advice. And then he will provide the right medical pills for you. We have the magical word which is “Vedix”. First things first, I will share my vedix hair care review based on my personal experience with each vedix product.

The first vedix product review will be about Vedix Khoob Hair Oil, Shampoo, and Serum. First, let have a quick introduction about vedix’s hair products, Vedix is India’s first customized Ayurvedic hair-care regime the way it works is when you go to their website you will answer few questions about your hair, and overall health. And based on your answers you will get a vedix product with instruction of how, when to use it. well the website is your hair care doctor if you are interested you can visit Vedix?

· Khoob Anti Hair-fall Oil.

· Khoob Anti Hair-fall Shampoo

· Khoob Hair Regrowth Serum

On today’s vedix hair care review will be about these three types to help determine which product will suit you the most

Khoob Anti Hair-fall Oil.

vedix hair oil

First, let me share a short story before using vedix hair care products. At first, I had a prince’s hair long, strong, and shining but suddenly it changed, and the more I get concerned about it, the worse it gets. It just kept falling, so a friend of mine suggested to me to use vedix and especially Khoob anti-hair-fall oil.

As the name implies the right way to use this product is to spread it across the length of your hair but first you should take the required amount of the oil according to your hair length. Then you massage it about 10-20 minutes then finally live it for one hour then wash it with the second product in our vedix hire care review product lists.

Currently, I’m using khoob anti-hair-fall oil every 2 days, and the results are significantly amazing. When you use the oil you will notice that it has a very subtle fragrance and it spreads evenly and widely. And that will strengthen hair follicles, stimulate healthy hair growth to the point that you can control your hair dryness.

After using anti-hair oil now you move to use anti-hair-fall shampoo

Khoob Anti Hair-fall Shampoo

Vedix Khoob Anti Hair-fall Shampoo is a 100 ml combination of ingredients aloe Vera, Quinoa, Bhringaraja, and Yashtimadhu. And that makes the shampoo quite thick which makes it perfect to use after the oil with the minimum amount of shampoo. I use the shampoo to clean my hair and remove dirt effectively as I said before to get the best result to wash your hair one hour after using anti-hair-fall oil.

The way to use it is quite simple: just massage the lather from scalp to tips, eventually to make sure that every part of your scalp is widely massaged with shampoo. My thought about the shampoo’s bottles pump is uncomfortably tight and could stay in the same condition for more than a month. But avoid getting spread out too thin and use more than you need because it will dry your hair as it happens to me on my first days, instead you could use only as little as you can and get great results in cleaning your hair and growing it strong.

Khoob Hair Regrowth Serum

The final vedix hair care product review will be about khoob hair regrowth serum. For me, this serum was a rescue miracle from hair fall and it’s smooth to use, and no need for conditioner.

Vedix khoob regrowth serum ingredients are Cedar, Gunja, Grapeseed, Japa, and Kumari which will help you to stimulate healthy hair growth as it did for mine.

Vedix hair serum

Quite simple, apply 3-5 ml of vedix serum on clean and dry scalp and while doing that massage it very slowly and gently on your scalp trust me it will do wonders for your scalp. Not alike the previous vedix products leave vedix khoob hair regrowth overnight, personally, I use it only on alternate days and believe it or not I’m seeing great results.

Benefits of Vedix Hair Care System:

Here are the benefits of using each vedix product

1-Khoob Anti hair-fall Oil

  • Will hydrates and moisturizes hair and scalp
  • Strengthens hair follicles and stimulate healthy hair growth
  • Will able you to control hair dryness
  • You will be able to keep hair-frizz and silky

2-Khoob Anti Hair-Fall Shampoo

  • Clean your hair and remove it dirt effectively
  • It’s effective on people who suffer from hair loss
  • Help to gain healthy hair growth and to get a better hair condition
  • Prevents itchiness and inflammation of the scalp.
  • You can use it on any colored style hair
  • It is free from SLS and Parabens.

3- Khoob Hair Regrowth serum

  • Stimulates healthy hair growth into a better hair condition
  • You will be able to control hair dryness
  • Adds shine and bounce to the hair.

Side effects of Vedix Hair Care System:

Since vedix hair care products are ayurvedic it’s unlikely to have side effects, because all of its ingredients are completely natural, meaning they are made 100% Since the products are ayurvedic, they are made with 100% natural herbs and rarely have any side effects. Yet, I recommend always doing a patch test before beginning to use the products.

Vedix hair products pricing

It’s very important to note whether you’re able to purchase vedix hair products based on your income or current budget or not. However, vedix subscription plans consider being affordable almost for every Indian woman. Generally speaking, I recommend choosing the three-month plan which offers the ability to choose new products during this period to simplify your decision and make it easier to choose the right product.

Vedix hair product pricing is very affordable and starts with Rs. 1499/- per month or you could use a one-year subscription at just Rs. 999/- per month.

How To Order Vedix Products:

As mentioned before o to get the customize vedix go to vedix official page, go to this link and you will be asked to take the Vedix Dosha Assessment Questionnaire, please make sure your answers will be based on the truth. Then you can choose the right plan for you and place your order

My Overall Experience:

As per my personal experience, I give it 4 out of 5, it’s the best hair care treatment a girl could ask, and most importantly it’s an Ayurvedic product. I recommend Vedix to all, vedix helped me to control hair fall and nourishes my scalp. The overall experience with vedix hair care products was pleasantly amazing. Thank you vedix.

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