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VinzBerry Underarms Lightening Serum Review

Welcome to Vinzberry Underarms Lightening Serum review. I received this product to review my blog. This serum claims to have plant extracts that can lighten underarm skin, even out skin tone, and keep you smelling fresh all day.

How to use VinzBerry Underarms Lightening Serum

vinzberry underarms lightening serum usage

Spray a little of the product on your underarm, after that massage gently. Use it twice day.


vinzberry serum
  1. No need to underarm roll on or deoderant as this serum has fragrance
  2. It Brightens the underam from the first use
  3. It is Moisturizes your underarm skin.
  4. Easy to carry
  5. convenient spray bottle.
  6. Rich with vitamin c
  7. Prevent hyper pigmentation
  8. Reduces the dark spot of inner underarm
  9. Suitable for all skin type
  10. Make your underarm skin smooth.


  1. Not available in nearby shop or medical store.
  2. Gives bit sensations while applying on skin.

Price & Packaging:

vinzberry underarms lightening serum

The price of 100 ml product is 699 rupees. It comes in spray bottle for easy application.

Where to buy:

You can buy this serum by clicking here from the VinzBerry brand website.

price of vinzberry serum

My Experience VinzBerry Underarms Lightening Serum Review

I’ve been faithfully using this underarm serum for the past 10 days, and the results have been so impressive that I’ve completely replaced my deodorants and sprays. The serum not only keeps my underarms fresh all day with its delightful fragrance but also provides a mild, temporary sensation upon application, which is manageable.

The most noticeable change I’ve observed after a mere 10 days of use is the significant brightening of my underarm skin, along with a noticeable improvement in its smoothness. I’m excited to continue using this serum, and I’m planning to document my progress over the course of two months. Rest assured, I’ll be sharing my before-and-after images to showcase how this product has effectively addressed my pigmentation concerns. Stay tuned for the forthcoming updates on my journey with this remarkable underarm serum!

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