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What is Makeup Primer: Usage, Benefits, and buying guide

You might wonder what is a makeup primer? A Makeup Primer generally comes in liquid, gel, or cream that is specially designed to create an effective and smooth base to perform your makeup. Similar to the foundation, it is available in different varieties of finishes such as matte, satin, or dewy. It works to fade out your skin texture, absorb excess oil, and also fill within the pores. The foundation can last much longer, appear more natural, and makes it smoother.

A few makeup primers will provide less coverage for your minor skin imperfections. It also delivers some additional benefits for skincare such as sun protection, anti-aging, and hydration for your skin enhancement over the long term. The makeup primers are available for the past decade with the pride for makeup artist’s kit and also mind-boggling numerous choices to select. You can refer to the below article to get more information about the perfect-skin essentials.

How to Use Makeup Primer

You can follow the below-provided instructions on how to use the makeup primer your makeup for a long day.


  • Makeup primer.
  • Clean fingertips.

Prepare your Skin – This is one of the crucial steps that you need to prepare your skin to get a flawless appearance. Before performing the steps, you can utilize the gentle cleanser for washing your face, exfoliate, and also need to apply the lightweight moisturizer. Your skin will take time to sink into it.

Using the Makeup Primer – You can use a little bit of primer on the rear-side of your hand and blend your nose outwards for simply applying the primer using your fingertips. After full blend, the foundation can even sit better and your skin will appear luminous and even-toned. After application, you need to wait at least for a few minutes before using the foundation.

The primer will create an effective & smooth surface and also sink in. If you prefer to be simple then utilize the primer without using the foundation. After application, your skin will appear soft. It is visibly seen that the appearance of fine lines and your pores will be reduced. It can also assist to smoothen your skin texture and tackle the redness.

Primer Tips

If you utilize the primer regularly then you can refer the below-provided tips & tricks that assist you before applying the primer:

  • It is advisable to utilize a less primer. It suffices to use a small raisin-size drop and rub around the skin properly to get better coverage.
  • Before using the primer, you need to apply the moisturizer.
  • In case if you have dull skin, then you should use the tinted primer to get life back and some glow to your skin.
  • Your primer should be always compatible and supported by your foundation. You need to utilize the silicone-based primers along with the silicone-based foundation and water-based primers along with water-based foundations. It will assist to safeguard your skin base from the separating.
  • You can also apply the primer near the lids and eyes as well. It assists to prevent your makeup from creasing or smudging by absorbing oils. Your feet will become softened.

Benefits of Using It

Most of them will prefer to follow the makeup process and lengthy skincare regularly however; if you are missing the primer makeup then you are doing the entire process wrongly. A makeup primer used to make your skin prepared for other makeups and foundation with a smoother application. You will forget the regular makeup process after start using the primer. Find below the list of benefits that you can achieve by using the makeup primer:

  • Pores will appear smaller.
  • It helps to fill fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduces shine and oil.
  • Nourishes & hydrates Skin.
  • Reduces redness & inflammation.
  • Disguises flaws and evens the skin tone.
  • Creates your makeup with a smooth base.
    other benefits are,

Long-lasting Makeup – Primer is one of the most important steps to follow on your makeup process. It can easily hold your creams & foundation to assist with your long-lasting makeup. The best makeup primer available across the online platform is Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Primer. The Lakme face primer price is affordable while purchasing online.

It helps the makeup to stay on even for a longer time and also build a perfect base. You can use the primer over your moisturizer to get instant radiance & smoothness.

Easy Application – It is much easier for applying the Primers. They are similar to regular lotions, which are grease-free and lightweight. Since it is in liquid form and can dry immediately.

Suits for entire Skin Colors or Types – Unlike concealers & foundations, primers are not available in different shades. It works fine on entire skin colors & types to use this product with most fuss-free.

Smooth Makeup – If you are regularly using the primers then it is hard to create makeup without this one. This product will smoothly glide on over the primer’s soft blanket. You can get the velvety finish and a glamorous appearance by using this makeup primer.

Lightweight Formula – It is wrong if you feel that the makeup primer will work as a mask. You can gain baby-soft skin by using this extremely lightweight primer. By using this product daily, you can feel your skin with lightweight.

Pores Fixer – Primers will assist to seal your pores. While using the liquid foundation, it can show prominently even if they are small. Primer seals the skin pores and creates an effective and smooth blanket over the skin.

Youthful Glow – Primers may not work as anti-aging properties however, they work well on your skin to make it look with a youthful glow to smoothen the wrinkles and fine lines. In this case, the best and perfect option is to choose the Dermalogica SPF Skinperfect 30 primer. It helps to minimize the fine lines and enhance collagen production to increase skin firmness.

Velvety Soft Skin – The makeup primer’s top benefits are to feel soften on your skin. It can follow your makeup process to smooth the canvas and also patches for unevenness.

Benefits of using Lip, Lash, & Eye Primers

  • Lip primer is primarily useful for creating a smooth base even to use the Lipstick application. Colors can last longer and don’t bleed.
  • The Lash primer will assist to provide nutrients to create ample lashes with even base. To get the nourishing treatment, you can consider the best Blinc Lash Primer.
  • Eyelid primer can help to prevent your eye shadow from creasing & maintain the eye makeup. Eye primers used with a special formulation to magnify the vivid shadows, eyelids with oilier skin, and preparing the thinner.
  • You need to use different methods for prime your face parts. Make use of lip, lash, and eye primers to easily apply in a specific area and assist the cosmetics last longer.

What are the precautions to buy It?

Every skin type will not work or look in a similar way by using the same makeup primer. You can make seamless makeup look by choosing the appropriate primers for your skin type:

For Sensitive Skin

It is excellent to utilize the makeup primers for sensitive skin since; it can create an extra protection layer from the environment. Ensure that you prefer for low fragrance primer to avoid causing irritation. If you are experiencing redness sensitivity manifests then you can use the green-based makeup primer that helps to neutralize your skin’s red tones. In the same way, you can use less foundation. Primer also contains some soothing ingredients such as Niacinamide or green tea extract.

For Mature Skin

Mostly for the mature skin types, you can use the primers to blur the wrinkles and fill in. You can choose the moisturizing and lightweight primer without shimmer. Most of the makeup primers are made of sunscreen, the strongest anti-aging and as well as with antioxidant products. It can deliver a positive impact on your skin’s health. Make use of the firming makeup primer that can build a facelift effect and also tighten your skin.

For Combination Skin:

There are two different options for the combination skin types; you can either select the neutral makeup primer that won’t appear you shiny or overly mattify. It will assist your foundation for the last longer and go on smoother. You can choose the mattifying makeup primer for your face parts to overcome oily skin and a different kind for your face dryer area.

For Dry Skin:

It is less complicated to prime for Dry skin. You need to choose the makeup primer to get a dewy finish and also moisturize your skin. Even at times, the shimmer can also highlight the flakiness. It is also very hard to find the appropriate makeup primer for dry skin types, so you can request for the sample pack before buying the product. You can find the primer that is creamy & hydrating with a very light texture.

Oily Skin – Makeup Primers

You can utilize the mattifying makeup primer, especially for the oily skin. It can assist your skin prevention from greasy & shiny for the entire day. Most of the oily skin will have numerous pores and the oilskin type’s makeup primer will deliver the pore-minimizing effect. Primers are also acne-prone since it includes anti-acne ingredients to assist with your breakouts.

Normal Skin – Makeup Primers

If you have normal skin that means it is not dry or oily for the entire day and even your pores are not too small or too large then it is advisable to choose the best primer-options. It is not required to use the mattifying effect primer but you can choose the makeup primer with that can prolong with an awesome job and additional benefits such as SPF. An illuminating makeup primer is essential for a dewy finish. You won’t experience blemishes or redness for normal skin types and for the entire substitute foundation; you can use the simple pore-blurring makeup primers.

Different Types Of Primer for available

Primers will work more than makeup and not just for applying to the foundation. Find below a list of varieties of makeup primers and important steps:

Hair Primer (Protects your Hair from Humidity & Heat)

The hair primer will build a new barrier to safeguard your hair from humidity, heat styling, and many more. It is also best for creating a protective layer. The hair primer is used to minimize chemical or heat damage. A few hair primers will include definitions and moisture to your hair to protect from heat damage.

Nail Primer (Makes Polish last & also protects your Nail)

Primers are not also utilized for makeup purposes but also the best game changes for your nails. The multi-purpose product will safeguard from your nails from chipping and also polish will stay on for a longer time. Nail primer will not deliver any discoloration, protects from polish, and also strengthen your nails. The best long-lasting and favorite nail primer across the marketplace is Smith & Cult’s Basis.

Eyelash Primer (Assist your eyelashes to appear longer & fuller)

Eyelash primer is one of the best choices if you prefer to have thicker and stronger lashes. It can assist to lengthen your eyelashes and also helps to stimulate the lash growth. A nice base helps mascara for grabbing and make a long-lasting makeup. The eyelash primer is the best one for mascara and also for conditioning the eyelashes.

Eyeshadow or Eyelid Primer (Safeguards eyelid from Creasing)

If you ever noticed that you have a little oily eyeshadow or quickly fade out pigments, or creased eyelids. Eyelid primer is one of the best ones that you may miss from your regular makeup. It can prevent creasing and also enhance your shadow pigmentation. They can fierce for an entire day and glide on smoothly with the help of eyeshadow primer.


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