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Lotus eco-stay dark and safe kajal Review

Welcome to the Lotus eco-stay dark and safe kajal review. We, girls, can’t get enough of Kajal. We want it to be as dark as possible, but we also want to keep our eyes safe. Lotus ECOSTAY Kajal claims to be both. After using it for over two months, I took pictures of this cute little sleek kajal today before I used it all up. The queue has been out for a while. I was happy with another kajal, but I told myself to buy a Lotus kajal when it was on sale, or I felt weak. And let me tell you how lucky I was at that moment. I’m totally in love with it, and compared to the other kajals from other brands, I’m shocked that Lotus has made such a great one that has yet to be reviewed much. The Kajal does what it says it will do, and I’m so glad I bought it on a whim. People choose Lotus goods because they are safe and have healing qualities that come from nature.

About The Lotus ecostay dark and safe kajal

Lotus Make-Up Ecostay Kajal claims to be the smoothest, darkest, and safest eyeliner. It also says it won’t smudge or run for 10 hours. Since the kajal is made of only plants, it is safe for even the most sensitive eyes. Parrafin, animal oil, and preservatives are not used. This Kajal comes in a simple pencil-shaped case that is easy to sharpen. It feels like silk and has a lot of colour in it. It moves easily and can also be used near the water. The colour pay-off is great, and one swipe is enough to make it dark enough. You don’t need to keep swiping it to get a dark outline. It stays on for a long time and doesn’t rub off. This kajal doesn’t melt in heat or humidity and smear. It won’t hurt your eyes if you put it in them. Because it doesn’t have wax, animal oil, or chemicals, the Lotus Ecostay Kajal is safe to use.

Packaging of the Lotus ecostay dark and safe kajal

The kajal comes in a rectangular box that is shiny black on the outside and pale yellow on the inside, just like how Kajal is usually and usually packed. It’s similar to a pencil.

How to Use Lotus ecostay dark and safe kajal

Open the cap and use one stroke of the kajal along the tear line. You can use your fingers to blend the lines for a smokey look.

Pros of Lotus ecostay dark and safe kajal:

Lotus Kajal After Sharpening
  • It feels soft and smooth
  • Good colour payoff, and it doesn’t smudge.
  • Waterproof
  • Fit for the waterline
  • Suitable for people who wear contact glasses

Cons of Lotus ecostay dark and safe kajal

  • Not extendable
  • High pigmentation can make the face look bad if it gets smudged.
  • Compared to other Kajal pencils, this one is a bit more expensive.

The Price Range of Lotus ecostay dark and safe kajal:

The price range may shift based on the quantity purchased and the store from which it is acquired. On the other hand, the cost of a standard pack is.

Price: Rs. 345 for 4.5 gms.

Where To Buy:

You can buy this kajal from amazon, flipkart, and nykka. You can also buy this kajal from Lotus brand website.

My Experience with Lotus ecostay dark and safe kajal

Lotus Eco Stay Kajal

The best way to explain the texture of Lotus Make-up Ecostay Kajal would be to say, “It’s one of the smoothest kajals I’ve ever used.” It feels soft and smooth along the waterline and lash line. In contrast to most finishes, this one is powdery. But it doesn’t peel off. It strangely sticks to the eyes. It’s a slim stick with a cap that fits tightly so it won’t break in a small bag. It has no wax, animal oil, or chemicals, so it’s called Ecostay. I have yet to see this on the package of any other brand, but it says it can be used on contact lenses and eyeliner. Does it provide as promised? Yes. It can be used with just one stroke, which is rare for pencil eyeliners. For a darker shade, you don’t even need a second pass. You get an amazing makeup finish with just one stroke that won’t smudge for 5–6 hours.

Lotus Kajal Application

I once fell asleep with my kajal on in the afternoon, and when I woke up, I was glad to see that the queue was as good as possible. It’s quick and easy to use, but you won’t need to touch it when my sister puts on any other makeup or pencil, her eyes water. This one, though, doesn’t bother her eyes at all. Even with a kajal pencil, you can make your eyes look dark.

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